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Baidu Owned Company iQiyi Release a 4K headset with 8K support

Baidu Owned Company iQiyi Release a 4K headset with 8K support

VrTechToday Admin May 7, 2018

iQiyi is to China what Netflix is to the US. So the Baidu owned company is no stranger to high quality video content. But with its recent released Qiyu VR II, it has made their debut in the VR world as well. And with the company’s promise of the device also supporting 8K video in the future. It is likely iQiyi is going to be around for a while.

The Qiyu VR II is Portable

Portability makes the Qiyu VR II stand out from the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. While doing so, it still provides a high resolution viewing experience for the user. Similar to what would be expected when viewing video in a theater setting. When it support 8K video, it will excel beyond the resolution capabilities of the Vive Pro.

Powerful Hardware Required

Due to portability feature, it requires significantly more powerful hardware than others. Experts believe 35% more power require than previous options available. In addition, it features a 4K LCD viewing screen and motion tracking. There are also options for higher quality motion tracking available for those wanting to use it for positional tracking.

Available Content

Before running out to purchase a new piece of VR hardware, most want to know what content is available. Currently, the Qiyu VR II is able to access an already existing library from the Baidu media company. As a result, the already existing customer base of over 500 million are able to use it, making it a great option for these customers and new comers looking for the latest VR gear.


More than Just VR Content

This headset is able to be usemore than just VR content. The current content available already features a number of television shows, movies, 3D videos, VR games, and other VR content. At the time it was launched, there is estimated to already be 20k programs, 10k movies, and several VR videos available. Undoubtedly, there are more content coming down the line as well as it gains popularity.

Price Point for the Qiyu VR II

Price isn’t clear while the announcement of the Qiyu VR II being released. Since it is likely to need a subscription service, it is possible the cost can be bundled with the cost of the service subscription. The cost of content will likely be part of the service subscription, and it is unclear if other content will be available in a different format. It is most likely that as the Qiyu VR II gains popularity in the VR world, more content will be created, as well as possible options for accessing additional content.


Does the Qiyu VR II interest you? Tell us more in the comments below.

Image Credit: Qiyu

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