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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 – First XR Platform Dedicated to Mainstream use and Future of portable VR and AR

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 – First XR Platform Dedicated to Mainstream use and Future of portable VR and AR

VR Tech Today June 16, 2018

Qualcomm has recently made an announcement about a product, which is going to help the users use portable VR and AR aggressively. Qualcomm have announced the launch of its new XR1 platforms that is going to be of great help to take the V-reality to the mainstream with portability. This is a design that is meant for standalone headsets. You do not have to have any costly personal desktops to enjoy the VR experience together. You do not have to be a part of any cloud system.

The Most Interesting Virtual Real Solutions

Features, currently reserved only for expensive VR will be available for all. Some of the companies have shown promising interests in buying the headsets for the users to take anywhere. These are most advanced portable VR and AR handsets.

It is possible to use it in the extended real platforms called extra one that is belonging to Qualcomm’s. You might have heard about the Oculus Go from Facebook which is also a latest and portable handset. It is one of the most interesting virtually real solutions in the market available today. Get that processor which is a bit old. Technically the processor used is Qualcommers Snapdragon 821.


Great Prospects for the Higher Versions

There are solutions that are more powerful today. You can use something like the Oculus rift. There is something like HTC vive, which is better than that. You can use it in the full-blown personal desktop computers and powerful processor to operate the overall center to the highest efficiency standards. There is the potential for great sequels to Oculus Go.

Remember this is on the platform that is specially designed to strengthen the augmented real applications and virtual real applications in particular. The objective is to enable some of the most sophisticated features that are so far only available by using the personal computers with headsets. You can enjoy a sharper video from the portable VR and AR headset. That supports with 4 degrees of freedom.

It means you are able to move your head. You can move your head in and around a virtual environment and feel as if you are going in the area of seeing. Earlier, it was not like that. You will be simply looking at the animation through the goggles without any touch or feel. Now you can move your hands for the better experience of VR and AR. The Science and Technology are better as well.

More Players to Come in Portable VR and AR Market

As a full platform it enables the partners of Qualcommers to construct better models of Smartphone that are operating based on the processes of Qualcomm chips. That will enable one to enjoy better VR shows with the virtual realization handsets. It means the competition in the market can get heated up when more companies are going to jump into the AR market.

New platforms from Qualcomm can support all the 4 degrees of freedom for you to enjoy better video experience altogether. Please share your views and valuable feedback pver portable VR and AR support of XR1 platform.


Image Credit: Qualcomm





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