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Tactical Haptics is set to open ‘Reactive grip’ Dev kits pre-orders on May 29th

Tactical Haptics is set to open ‘Reactive grip’ Dev kits pre-orders on May 29th

VrTechToday Admin May 21, 2019

Creator of Reactive Grip controller, Tactical Haptics is set to start taking the dev kits pre-order beginning May 29th. Tactical Haptics expects the pricing to begin with each controller costing $650 and the company is targeting the LBE and Enterprise sectors. Tactical Haptics Company has continuously improved the performance of the controllers since it first introduced them some years back, the current smart design makes the controllers highly modular. Tactical Haptics which has been in the VR scene since its beginning introduced Reactive Grip tech in 2013 and it utilizes sliding bars to generate unique shear feedback.

During the early Virtual Reality hype, Tactical Haptics with a Kickstart campaign decided to bring the controllers to its early adopters and it fell short of its main goal back then. The company has however continuously improved the manufacturability and performance of the controllers.  Tactical Haptics Company pivoted their approach taking the controllers to LBE and Enterprise markets and on May 29th the company is expected to open the controllers’ pre-orders and shipping in Q4 2019. According to the company, it will reveal controllers that integrates Sweet Escape, a VR LBE game. The controllers’ unique haptics truly brings a great impression on users once they use them.

The latest version of the controllers come with a unique design and this makes the controllers modular in two ways. First, the controllers come with a single design and this can be adapted to a number of existing virtual reality tracking systems. For instance, the controller allows one to attach Oculus Touch or a Vive Tracker and this allows tracking of the Reactive Grip controller with the same system despite the headset in use.  Secondly, a user can attach multi-purpose magnets on the controllers as required, this magnets allow connection of two controllers to form a number of poses. The modular design allows configuration of the controllers to meet each user’s needs. This has the advantage of cutting down the cost and weight if all possible options were included on the controllers.

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