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Reintroducing Windows VR Headsets with Amazing New Updates

Reintroducing Windows VR Headsets with Amazing New Updates

VrTechToday Admin March 23, 2018

One can’t deny the extent to which technology has revolutionized the modern world. Not only in terms of usage of things alone, but also many words have got a newer outlook. Until a decade ago, Window was a medium to look outside, now with the same, we can view the world. And all the credits go to Microsoft to be the harbinger of this evolution.

What is Microsoft’s new update for Windows?

Continuing the trend, Microsoft is all ready to dazzle the users with their latest update for spring.  Coming spring, Microsoft is all geared up to launch the latest update of windows VR Headsets. According to Microsoft with the new updates, one can look forward to a plethora of improvements. A lot of new enhancements are made to the windows VR headsets, which is a grand news for tech savvies. The windows VR headset is garnered to provide better performance when playing the SteamVR content. It is also made proficient for normal use lending a newer environment for users. The update of Windows VR headset will take the users in a joy ride changing the definition of a comfort zone.

To whom is the update available?

As of now, this update is only available for those who are using the Windows Insider Preview Build 17115. However, this update will be soon available for all across the globe to experience the latest improvements. Microsoft is expected to launch this latest update of windows VR headsets this coming spring offering various improvements.

What is the advantage of the windows VR headset?

In addition to the original “cliff house”, users are offered the chance to make their choice of environment. The user can now use the new “Skyloft” as their home environment when using the headset first. The screenshot published by the company of the original cliff house does look surreal and endearing. This has surely raised the level of hope of what one can expect with regards to the updates. Looking at the enticing outlook of the original cliff, the new environment is proclaimed to take it a notch higher.

How will the updates Window be useful for gamers?

A headset plays a crucial role in enhancing the experience while playing the video games. And Microsoft’s update for windows has something to provide for gamers too. While the previous versions demanded more RAM space when playing video games, the enhanced version comes with a twist. The improved version of Windows VR headset reduces the amount of video RAM used while playing video games through SteamVR.

A throwback to November last year, Microsoft had made it possible for players to play SteamVR content through windows VR headsets.

A sneak peek into the latest changes made

There are a lot of changes fixed, making the windows VR experience more user-friendly. From upgrading the clarity to providing shortcuts, the level of technology is taken to newer heights. Here is a sneak peek of what can one expect from the latest updates:

  1. Improved video preview – the preview screen for videos seen on the desktop monitor while using VR has been improved for better performance.
  2. Shortcuts – it is now much easy to take screenshot than in the previous versions. A new shortcut has been introduced which makes the process quick and easy. Just by holding the windows button and pulling the trigger one can take a screenshot now.
  3. Compatibility – one can get a detailed insight of the compatibility issues. Whether its USB 3.0 Controllers or about graphics card all information will be available with just a click.

One who wishes for preview can get the insight of the update by joining the window insider program. One can then choose the Fast Ring to build their 17115 version. Else, one can wait until the spring when the updates will be available via the windows update for everyone worldwide.

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