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République VR Review –  Captivating and Sneaky Gaming Experience

République VR Review –  Captivating and Sneaky Gaming Experience

VrTechToday Admin May 15, 2018

République has arrived in mobile VR platforms to fulfill its mission prepared half a decade ago. The pedestrian gameplay kept the same from earning praise as other games. A fresh take of VR gaming does not implement too much change to that. This new version comes packed with intensity in its five-episode series of Republique VR gaming.

It’s much more real as it evokes a response from your senses when. For example, flat screen security camera view transition takes to an explorable virtual world. Between you and the protagonist Hope a better connection sense is established!

Get Your Action Immediately

Your action will get high immediacy due to way the world is laid out in front of you. Like whatever you are about to watch is actually happening. Hope hardly even looks up to the cameras to acknowledge that you’re there, is little disappointing. It is true for cutscenes of the game, which unfold through a virtual smartphone screen. Despite the developer’s admirable efforts, one can’t shake the feeling that Republique VR doesn’t fully fit into VR.

The bleeding-edge technology hacking theme perfectly fits the platform.  Whatever be the situation, the background behind République remains highly engaging. The Metal Gear-esque format makes it pretty engaging and easy to grasp, especially with parts the require players to make decisions regarding the best places to hide Hope and avoid detection.

Republique VR Players Encouragement Required

Encouraging players to take risks by stealing items from patrolling guards is truly a nice touch. However, it is usually meant for bonus points. With so much on the Go and with Gear for a casual audience, it is really nice to sit back and lose yourself in an immersive high definition gaming experience. However, the transition between these platforms might be an inconvenience for some players.

Playing the game with the help of a motion controller has its charms, but it becomes delicate in some situations. Walking Hope through tight spots can be a challenge and a player might easily be detected by an enemy as a result. To get a smoother and easier experience, it is best to pair a Bluetooth game controller with Go headset. It streamlines the game experience, gives players more control, and heightens the intensity when it comes to sneaking.

Though it does not solve each and every issue, but it is one of the best ways to play the game as long as players have that option. Aside from VR, République experiences similar ups and downs as found on other gaming platforms.

Republique VR Chapters and Episodes

First few chapters of the game are pretty simple, asking you to sneak into a facility that subjugates children to conform to the new world totalitarian agenda. Upgrading your abilities is also quite easy. All you need to do is gather information and sell it. This makes the game much easier.

The fourth Episode nicely spices things up with the introduction of a persistent and formidable foe, but he soon proves to not be much of a challenge. The game is highly interesting in terms of sharing its story with readers. The stealth is more of an entertainment means to the end of the story.  République will remain the same in terms of engaging and captivating stealth adventure with its ups and downs.

This simple and brain-teasing adventure will encourage the player to explore and take risks. Despite its ambition, it is by no means a revolution. Gamers who just grabbed a Go will experience the captivating and immersive story to appreciate every bit of it.

Image Credit: Camouflage

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