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Reshaping the Norms of Education with VR Technology for Classroom

Reshaping the Norms of Education with VR Technology for Classroom

VrTechToday Admin March 30, 2018

Since the 80’s, VR has been around the visual gaming entertainment. For much of the decade, people around the globe have viewed this as a science fiction concept device. This restricted its wings of expansion into other fields. But recently we have seen a boom in the usage of VR technology in other various aspects of the modern society. The medicine industry and real estate industry are two examples of industries that saw a rapid rise in the usage of this technology. Perhaps the most important and significant of them all is the usage of VR technology in the education field. The following paragraph tries to explain as to why exactly VR technology for classroom is must.

Avoiding distractions

With the evolution of smartphones, they became more addictive to consumers around the globe . Understandably it affects the younger generations the most. A recent study  found that students are likely to spend almost one-fifth of their classroom time engaging in their phones. Obviously, this poses a distraction to their learning and can disrupt the flow of the entire class. On an average, students used their phones almost 11 times every period which is an alarming statistics for the education industry. The VR technology for classroom introduction meant the students had to engage with the software and didn’t get the opportunity to use their phones. Wearing the headset also eliminates chances of classroom gossip while a teacher is teaching.

Language Barrier ? No more

The 21st century is at its core a multicultural society. Pupils from various ethnic and linguistic background  often  study in the same classroom. This poses an issue of language barrier for the class. Other than that, if a student wants to learn about a topic in some other language, previously it was hard way. With the introduction of VR technology,  they made software that would categorically translate languages within the device. Since one can program the VR technology  to work in any language, students don’t face the difficulties they faced earlier.

Visualization speeds up the learning process

Humans can only remember 20 percent of what they hear and 30 percent of what they see. Add the both of those together and you get a VR experience which helps people to remember things up to 90 percent. This is true because humans remember things that they personally experience much better than hearing or just seeing it.

The traditional classroom ways of learning can be less efficient while tackling issues that are complex. With the VR technology for classroom, students can visualize complicated theories and studies in high resolution which only helps them grasp the topics faster and better. Classroom studies can often become monotonous but with VR the students get to experience the topic in a virtual world which is interesting and engaging. This prompts them to enjoy the learning process as they say one learns best when he/she enjoys doing it.

Bringing the world of learning closer

A positive learning environment always aids students in learning quicker and more efficiently. The VR technology for classroom does exactly that as it opens up new and exciting ways for teachers to present their topics to students. It also facilitates better understanding due to the new and interesting way of learning.

Researchers conducted a study on classroom behaviors and found that students who previously struggled to make friends due to various reasons, were now integrating into peer groups if they happened to know more about technology. All in all the VR tech is likely to replace the old ways of classroom teaching everywhere in the times to come.


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