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Beat Saber : The Rhythm Game made better with the VR

Beat Saber : The Rhythm Game made better with the VR

VrTechToday Admin June 11, 2018

Beat Saber and the Virtual Reality can serve a boost for each other because the exciting experience along with the actual exposure will make a great pair. The coordinated pair can therefore surpass in the section of gaming and take it to a whole new level. Therefore, the developers of rhetorical magnetism are on their progress to alter the rhythm game, Beat Saber. They are aiming to bring about an innovation in the gaming arena. In the amusement, you do not need any additional devices to play it. You just need to have your handset with you. The amusement just requires traced controllers for the movement and an accurate command over the timing.

When picking up or choosing a controller, most people usually take it in two ways. Initially, they assume that it is a gun. Secondly, they assume that it is a lightsaber. The developers of the entertainment usually prefer to give you a lightsaber. These lightsabers are used to break or cut the blocks, which can act as hurdles in your path.

What is in the Beat Saber play-off?

During play Beat Saber, you have to break or slit the blocks according to the marks made on them. You have to select the saber with the color required. The color of the block decides the choice of the color of the saber. Along with this, you also have to coordinate along the rhythm of the music.

When progressing in the excitement, you will find the game developing a second nature. This time you will see yourself gliding through your way across the blocks very easily and smoothly. This will, in turn, enable to have a fantastic experience and give you the feeling of a cool dude!

The Adventures of going with the rhythm

As you continue your journey, you will face many complexities, which will add to the difficulty level of the entertainment. This, in turn, will keep you engrossed in the frolic.

Within the fun, you will get several non-penetrable walls. So, you need to be careful while destroying them so that you may continue your journey. In addition, you have to take care of the bombs that may explode any possible moment. Also, you need to mind your steps while walking lest you step on any bomb and it might explode.

The three-dimensional sense of the Beat Saber play-off enables you to sense as if you are a part of it. This feel, in the process, enhances your experience in the fun and lets you enjoy a good time while playing.

In the three-dimensional experience, the graphics and the frolic of the play-off are experienced far much better. You develop a sense of satisfaction with the optical and auditory attributes of the handset. The amusement also gets a vivid view of the scenery and the surroundings along with dazzling and fair illustrations. In addition, it gives you an actual feel as if you are a part of the fun. Therefore, you can feel the hurdles coming towards you as a consequence of its designing.

Great music and illustrations

The great music and auditory illustrations enhance the feel of the journey. Also, it goes with the title of the game and thus helps in gaining a better response from the users. There are not many music tracks to play. But, an increment is expected in the number of the music tracks in near future. Also, there are some implementations which are being carried. These will allow the player to play tracks of his own during the playoffs.

Although, the play-off is simple yet it is literally satisfying and exciting. It will keep you engrossed in it for long hours. Also, it will keep up with the level of the users’ excitement and thrill. The excitement can serve itself as a great boost for the future of VR in upcoming days. Therefore, the future of the VR in days to come will be triumphant and illustrious.

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Image Credit: Beat Saber

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