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Russell Ladson’s future Virtual Reality Browser

Russell Ladson’s future Virtual Reality Browser

VrTechToday Admin April 28, 2019

Imagine waking in the morning wearing your Virtual Reality headset and going through your browser by virtually holding the icons of the browser and throwing them on big space to open them. Going through emails by viewing them on a big wall and when you need to reply the emails, a virtual keyboard pops up and enable you to virtually type the content of the email. And when a user has to reference a document, it gives the opportunity to call out the document with their voice and suddenly the document pops up and the user can then toggle the document icon using their hands. This is the idea behind the virtual reality browser, Russell Ladson’s Drop Company, is building.

Image Credit: VICE magazine

According to Russell Ladson, CEO and co-founder of Drop, in the next 15 years, Virtual Reality technology will be at a level where the society will fully adopt it. But so far the technology has only found a significant traction in gaming only. Russell believes that for virtual reality to gain huge traction in many industries, this technology has to be taken to a level where users can navigate Virtual Reality as easy as surfing in normal browsers. “I had always suppressed an obsession with information discovery, I started thinking: What happens when our iPhones are no longer our primary computing device?” says Ladson. He began research in the field of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and that’s when the thought of Drop came to him. Drop’s breakthrough came when major Virtual Reality Industry players such as Mozilla and Oculus Rift adopted VR browsers. Drop is now one of the popularly downloaded Virtual Reality titles on HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens 2 and Oculus Rift headsets. The interface provides a virtual keyboard, email inbox and web search results, the audio capabilities is yet to be incorporated in into the interface.


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