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Sacratlith : The Archer’s Tale – Highly Engaging, Real Narrative and Full of Action

Sacratlith : The Archer’s Tale – Highly Engaging, Real Narrative and Full of Action

VrTechToday Admin May 24, 2018

Odd Meter is an Indie Developer from Moscow, Russia. They are relatively unknown in the game developer circles yet. This will change with VR Game Sacralith : The Archer’s Tale. This power packed game about a bow shooter is full of superb visuals that are ‘AAA’ material.


This is a very clever game. It starts with three crusaders. These people are jovially singing along about a new reality. This new world contains evil kings and wizards. There are magic stones, dragons and everything reminiscent of the medieval age. The frequent game players who are especially familiar with the Witcher series or Skyrim will be at home in this one.

The character design shows a certain amount of expertise. Particularly when the fellow crusaders arrive in cutscenes all through the game. Their actions also have a natural flow due to excellent motion capture.

The song tells us about VR Game Sacralith a magic stone. This stone enables a person to have a power against dragons. And then there is King Hlodwick. He is after getting his hands on the stone and misuse its power. The protagonist has to stop the king from causing mayhem in the world. The protagonist’s weapon is bow and arrows ofcourse. There are a lot of other capabilities which are acquired from a collectible through a tech tree which is unlockable.

This  VR Game Sacralith comes with eight distinct and tough levels. The keys to success are quick and on the mark shooting expertise. There are plenty of power-ups and magical arrows available.

There is an aim similar to tower defense in the VR Game Sacralith. A number of enemies will come to attack from multiple lanes. To combat this you need to freeze a lane using the specific arrow. You can also reduce the pace of another lane using an arrow that creates a mud pit or a special arrow that breaks the full body armor. You also need to take care of your own buddies. Duff who wields a sword and Kaiden whos wings a Warhammer. If either of them dies, you end up failing the level. The saving grace is that you can restart at that level itself.

All the action using arrows to knock down enemies is highly engaging. There is a wide variety in the enemies as well, unarmoured enemies, hitboxes and super tanks. The sheer number and variety can take a toll on you as you fend for yourself. They are With VR, shooting arrows accurately needs practice. Due to this, the game may seem a little difficult but it does grow on you with in time.


This is an extremely good looking game. From start to finish it has amazing architecture and visuals. Even the territory looks very real. The Odd Meter team has done an outstanding job on this one.

Then there is the point of node teleportation only locomotion. This may seem like a problem for some but once you play the game you realize this is the only way to achieve it. The point of the game is not getting up close to the enemies. The purpose is to clear the way for your two buddies so that they can fire and smash away.

Positional audio is one negative in the VR Game Sacralith. Also, there are hardly any accurately placed hand models.


Node teleportation is really amazing and it makes the game experience very comfortable. This game does get a bit tiring and you might need rest after the innumerable enemies you end up facing.

Do let us know your thoughts on this amazing game in the comments section below.

Image Credit : Odd Meter

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