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Minibubble Sheets Make Touch Real in Virtual Reality

Minibubble Sheets Make Touch Real in Virtual Reality

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

VR as we know it now uses headsets to make the virtual world come alive. That is what transfers the person from reality to the virtual world. But there are no sensations that we feel in the rest of our body using headsets.But what if we feel all the minute detailed sensations similar to that we feel in reality in the virtual world too? This will be possible using the wafer-thin sheets of tiny bubbles that have chameleon properties.

Any part of a garment can use these super thin sheets. These garments, when used with a VR experience, can give an actual feedback which will make the experience even more mesmerizing.

This new invention consists of a grid containing bubbles as sheets of tiny bubbles that are inflatable and really small. Silicone films hold this grid together from both ends. These sheets have a lot of resemblance to bubble wrap. These sheets are placed against a person’s skin. The tiny bubbles inflate with varying amounts of air and speed. This gives the person different sensations like holding or grabbing or patting. The sensors mimic poking and pinching sensations also.

Devices and accessories which help people feel things in the virtual world have always been making rounds in the Virtual technology world. Devices which people wear on their fingers or hands helped them ‘finger’ virtual things. But now if entire garments use smart devices the entire VR experience will become even more riveting. The silicone skins will provide for a VR experience involving the whole body.

There are a lot of air-pockets in the thin sheets. These bubbles get a metal liquid coating. This coating is nothing but the sensor. This sensor is what tracks the whole inflation process. It controls the amount of air and the speed at which the bubblesinflate. This helps in balancing the changes. The sensors have another capability too. They can identify indentations in the air pockets. This can help is using them as game controllers, similar to the touchpad ones.

There are tubes made of plastic that help inflate the bubbles as of now. The future goal will be to do away with all these tubes. Inventions keep evolving over the years. We can see that for ourselves in so many things that surround us. In the future these thin sheets will consist of no plastic tubes. Roboticists see the future using tiny tanks instead of tubes. Compressed gas tanks are the future.

Such changes are in the works but as of now, this itself is a fascinating product. We can start by getting used to this. Till some more changes come up this will keep us busy. A Virtual Reality experience itself is alien to many. People are yet to have even their first experiences. Such shape shifters being used to make you feel things is a distant thought to such people. They are not even open to the concept of Virtual Reality itself. Some are not aware that this can have usages other than gaming.

This kind of stuff is fascinating. It will take the whole virtual reality experience to a new level. With these sheets of tiny bubbles innovations, virtual reality is becoming more and more real. Will it surpass real reality? Will it then be difficult to differentiate between the virtual and the real worlds? Only time will tell.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock

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