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Sony’s Demo of Evasion Stand as a Real Hit


Bullet hell hits virtual reality with the much awaited showcasing of the Evasion. However, with the bullet hell shooter, Archiact managed to take the VR combat to the ultimate limit. In the mid-June Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show, Sony came up with a demo. Solo, as well as two-player modes, are available in the game. Hence the event is based on Optera, invading aliens, attacks the human colony. You need to make all your effort in making the place free from the Optera. However, the campaign way, packed with action, is available for both solo and co-player. Crossing each stage you have to clear swarming aliens that comes your way.

However, the play aims at both comfort and movement. Hence it supports Aim Controller of the PSVR. When you use the shooter controls, you have the feel of real-time immersive. IKenema powered the animations of the avatar’s full body.

Survival mode

When you act as a team, you can certainly opt for the survival way with replayable. Hence the manner intends at intense challenges. With spatial 3D audio, the play acts on the Unreal Engine 4. However, there was nothing special in Faro mining colony. Hence you just shoot the aliens as you move further. However, it didn’t turn up to be much special.

Starting of the VR combat demo

Initially the trial focus on a tutorial that narrates you about the weapons. Hence they appear instinctive. You can choose the avatar you want to be like in VR combat. There were Engineer, Striker, Warden, and the Surgeon. However, the Surgeon and the Engineers come with added benefits. Hence they can make use of the tether links so as to recover the damage. Even it can help in strengthening the weapons of an ally.

However the tether lash work for grabbing enemies, of the size of an insect, from the air. Hence you can toss them against the building once you get hold of them. Gnats are the smallest rival in the game. It floats and charges you from the side. So it better to keep a watch sideways too. The foot soldiers, named as the Paragords, charge their weapons. They do so from short rupture and it gets hard to get them as they change their places. However, the bombers resemble the pills bugs, are the rolling bombs. Hence you need to attack them before they strike you.

However, you can use cover while attacking your rivals. Hence you can use the blaster to thrash your enemies. The gun provided with a shield can act wisely in this VR combat. The shield helped in blocking the fire whereas the gun strafe over the rivals.

However, it turns out to be very exciting as you face the enemies with the heavy gun I hand. Hence the opponents constantly attack the player or the players. Are you anxious for playing the match? If so, then you need to be careful. You require to learn the art of blocking as well as striking at the same time. The final VR combat fight will be between you and the giant bee which fires deadly. However, many of the expert players lost their three lives in this part.

Archiact started in the year 2013 focused on VR development. With an office at Canada’s Vancouver, the current strength of the employees in the office is 25. However, it also has an office in China’s Shanghai. All over the major platforms, Archiact intends at providing VR entertainment in the markets. For the last two years, they were working on this match.

What do you think? Isn’t the VR combat game great? Whether you agree or disagree with me, leave a comment below to let us know what you feel.

Image Credit: Sony/Archiact

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