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Space Tourism: Live Views of the Earth from Space as VR Astronauts

Space Tourism: Live Views of the Earth from Space as VR Astronauts

VrTechToday Admin May 23, 2018

Our mother planet is indeed beautiful but it appears more appealing when seen from the infinity as VR astronauts. However, seeing the beauty of Earth from the solar system is splendid. And it must be the dream of many tourists, thinking of a universe tour. Glimpsing the horizon curve of the globe, your eyes catch sight of the envelope of the atmosphere. In the daylight, you see the spectacular natural terrain with valleys and mountains. Moreover, as the light of the day falls off, the human landscape comes to focus, enlighten with city lights. Hence you encounter the outlook, made by man, of this world.

Some cosmonauts who have taken the amazing ride acclaim it as a learning to alter thought. However, according to them, the voyage is a heartfelt one and can change your thoughts about this sphere and humanity. Recognizing it, Psychologists named it as overview effect. This might be the reason why companies are competing in building the rockets. However, this outer orbit journey can provide you the experience of a lifetime. But before you take forms for the expedition, ensure that you possess enough money in your account. As gathering this mesmerizing experience can cost you millions of pounds.

Companies to offer you the VR astronauts trip

Two companies, based in the UK have agreed to a partnership to provide you the most luring practical knowledge. But everything is going to be virtual. Rewind, the content studio, and In-Space missions, the latitude experts, have to showcase SpaceTime Enterprises. However, they have decided on launching many satellites that will broadcast video of the entire sphere. Hence you need a virtual goggle for the expedition.

Space Missions’ CEO Doug Liddle said you can connect with the terrestrial body once you are in the galaxy. However, till date, they have earned £2.5m. Hence the first craft will launch in September 2019 which will capture images of the whole planet at identical resolution. So, as  VR astronauts when you put on the glasses, it will give you feelings of looking outside the cosmos Station window. However, you can actually see over which your satellite is flying over.

Launching more craft and increasing databases, virtual reality will lead to augmented reality. Matt Vernon opened up with their plans of provides a whole worldview in 3 to 5 years. With that, users will be no more chained to terrestrial craft. Rather will have the ability to fly around and aim at the interested areas. Thereafter the data can also help in scientific applications and business. Vernon-Clinch stated that man will have the power to point plastics floating in the oceans. Adding more, he said that our environment is full of spin-outs. Listening to audiences they can really focus to what they want.

However, in the earlier age, the observation was one of the main focus for which capsule came to use. Hence it has assisted in taking the correct measurement and knowing the environmental movement. Moreover, it also helped in government policies that relate to climatic change. It is not being a surprise that SpaceTime is not the only company that is thinking about such creations. SpaceVR, a company with headquarters at San Francisco, had already made their effort with the launch of a satellite. This being a test spacecraft is name as Overview 1. Currently on board, NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer will act for deploying the terrestrial capsule.

Next on the list is Earth-I, a firm of UK, in the process of yielding satellites’ constellation. Hence they aim at providing high definition Earth’s image. The firm launched one such test satellite, named VividX2, from India on 12 January. It is not been a week now, that the company had come up with their first color videos. Hence the video shows aircraft taxing and highways full of cars. It is hard to deny the technology potential. Rewind’s CEO and founder, Sol Rogers says when they had it right, they will post it.

So are you preparing for a world where anyone can witness the privilege of the astronauts? Perhaps it is the most fascinating part of this research. Now the question lies, like the astronauts, our view towards the orb and its habitat will also change. Will it use a virtual reality setup? However if the companies succeed in what they claim it, then perhaps this would mark a new beginning. It will mark the biggest psychology experiment on the globe.

Are you ready for the tour as VR astronauts? But before that, never forget to enrich us with your valuable comments. We would like to know what your opinion is.

Image Credit :  SpaceTime Enterprises

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