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Square Enix’s Tales of Wedding Rings VR – Japanese Manga Experience to Oculus Rift

Square Enix’s Tales of Wedding Rings VR – Japanese Manga Experience to Oculus Rift

VrTechToday Admin June 13, 2018

The Multifaceted Art forms of Japan

Manga is just a Japanese comic strip. However, strictly speaking, it covers the gamut of comics created in Japanese on the lines of a particular style.  This style evolved in the late 19th Century.  It has a multifaceted history in Japanese art.  This includes myriad styles of art and media encompassing sculpture, pottery, calligraphy, origami and the latest manga.  The tumultuous history of Japan has influenced its art and its evolution.  Invaded, conquered and then isolated, Japan has imbibed, imitated, and assimilated all these influences to create its unique art forms.

In Japan Manga is popular and people of all ages read it.  It covers all genres from adventure to comedy, drama, horror, romance, suspense, science fiction and many more.   Traditionally Manga books are printed in black and white.

When Technology Embraces Tradition, we get Something Unique

Square Enix has now espoused the tradition with technology to bring to the end-user a fantastic immersive experience.  The developers have left no stone unturned in their attempts to produce a never before experience.

When Square Enix announces that they are launching something new, it causes the end-users to sit back and take notice.  Square Enix has retained this traditional monochrome trait while adapting Tales of Wedding Rings into virtual reality.  It is interesting to see how the app converts the single dimensional comic book into an immersive ‘experience’.  You can literally step inside the world of Satou, the protagonist of the Tale, and enjoy a multiple 3D experience. The Tales of Wedding Rings VR is the story of Satour who receives an e-mail from her mysterious neighbor, Hime. This unexpected email leads Satou through an unbelievable adventure.

You can literally feel the pulse of the characters in this adventurous 3D dimensional Tales of wedding Rings VR. What makes this newly released Tales of Wedding Rings VR so fascinating? It seamlessly amalgamates the traditional manga style with modern day VR technology. The end user feels he/she is floating through “Live Windows” from scene to scene.

Fidelity to facts and scenes

Square Enix has been faithful to the original comic strip.  They have portrayed Tokyo’s Shibuya district and Japan’s metro in the characteristic black white and grey of the Manga comic. The makers have literally breathed life into the flat frames of Manga.  This brings the characters alive in 3D virtual reality.   This is indeed a fantastic job of virtualization.  The multiple frames permit the user experience multiple viewpoints.  The end user is also able to transit from one viewpoint to the next with natural ease of navigation. The musical score and the voice overtones are of the highest quality.

We value your feedback

You are important to us and we need to know how  Tales of Wedding Rings VR experience went down with you.  We will like to know your comments and suggestions.

Image Credit: Square Enix



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