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Spend less for some VR action on your PC with Steam VR Games Sale

Spend less for some VR action on your PC with Steam VR Games Sale

VR Tech Today May 7, 2018

With the prices I am about to tell you I doubt you will return back to the real world anytime soon! Get you VR headsets out to play the Steam VR games because Steam VR spring sale is on. HTC’s Vive or the Oculus Riftare compatible to play these virtual reality games.

The game publishers, Bethesda Softworks recently brought some of their games on to the Virtual Reality platform. They are offering a few of them on sale as of now.

I Expect You to Die is also available on VR games sale. This is for people who have fun being constantly on the run with a timer counting down to their death. In a game obviously! It also has some really deadly experiences on the way.

For the Sci-fi fans, there is Star Trek: Bridge Crew game on sale. This game is also available in our world i.e. without virtual reality.  This game takes you on a starship where you face some star-trek like experiences and scenarios along with other players on your crew.

There is something for everyone as even Batman:Arkham VR is also available on sale. To please the superhero’s fans it is available on discount.

Another similar game on sale is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. This game is ideal to rejuvenate you at a party as it has a multiplayer option. It’s the ultimate party game and is also available at an affordable price in VR games sale.

Other games like Job Simulator and Superhot VR are also available on discounts.  Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality gives fans exactly what they expect from the game if not more. It is an absolutely entertaining game and is available at discounted price.

There is something for the Artist in you too. You can let go of your creative imagination with the Tilt Brush. You get a three-dimensional canvas to show your creative prowess.

Even the virtual desktop is available at less price. This means you don’t need to ever let go of your headsets. This app will just transform your desktop into this ginormous virtual space. You can continue with your tasks in this workspace.

Do take a look at Steam VR game sale for other games that are available on sale and even for free. Do let us know what you feel about this article. Please leave your comments below. We are always open to feedback so any kind of feedback is welcome. Your comments only help us improve.


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