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New VR game 2019-The walking dead Onslaught

New VR game 2019-The walking dead Onslaught

patrickrisa May 26, 2019

Survios once again have come with another big deal in VR gaming based on AMC’s TV series the walking dead known as The Walking Dead Onslaught.The game involves fighting together with characters in the series in first person. This is what survios calls literally original story which he created together with AMC.

What features are included in the game?

The following features are said to be included in the game; ranged combat, player progression, detailed melee, and a full campaign mode.


In the game streaming list, it will involve a single player and online co-operative multiplayer. Unfortunately the studio is yet to give details on the platforms the game will compatible on, however, steam page has listed HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the game is scheduled to be released in Fall 2019.

In doing my research I found out that there is a system that can dismember with melee weapons like machetes, katanas and other weapons that have been improvised like bows which are feet-pipe size. When you start to dismember you are required to insert weight on the slices in order to obtain a complete break otherwise you will not be able to break the zombies. While playing the game you can clutch zombies on the neck to stop them, push them away from you, and alternatively you can use a shotgun to squander the zombies. There is also another option where you can use ranged weapons such as automatic rifles, and fully automatic pistols and cross bows to fight the zombies.

From the nature of the expected game play, this game is anticipated to be kind of a violent game because it involves dismembering and use of deadly weapons. We will update you more on the game upon release. Let us know what you think about The Walking Dead Onslaught on our comments section.

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