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This is how Facebook is transforming video conferencing using Virtual Reality

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This is how Facebook is transforming video conferencing using Virtual Reality

This is how Facebook is transforming video conferencing using Virtual Reality was last modified: March 14, 2019 by Daniel Kariuki
Facebook is transforming the future of communication through the use of Virtual Reality technology. The new virtual reality platform will create 3D replicas of your friends on Facebook. This technology will enable individuals to see a 3D model of the person they are communicating to, and this creates a feeling of the presence of the person you are talking with. However, to achieve this kind of experience, an individual requires a pair of virtual reality headset. In addition to that, to create a 3D replica of an individual that can sound and move like you, means 500 light and 180 cameras capture the face of an individual from different angles. “It’s an evolution from the telephone to video conferencing and this can be the next sort of way of actually spending time with a friend you haven’t met in 10 years. For example, You can both sort of say, ‘let’s meet at the Eiffel Tower’ and suddenly you materialize there,” said Yaser Sheikh, Facebook’s reality lab director in Pittsburgh
According to Yaser, in the future, Facebook hopes users will be in a position to create the avatars themselves with a few videos or snaps. Currently, in the research phase, these avatars are being captured by the Facebook team itself.

Challenges facing this virtual reality video chat project

To achieve this dream, Facebook has to collect mass data from its massive number of users which currently stands at more than 1.5 billion. However, Facebook is now facing criticism on how it handles its user’s data as a result of past scandals. For instance, this scandals range from accounts security breaches and sharing users’ data improperly with political parties and 150 companies including Amazon and Netflix. However, Facebook is currently placing the security issue a top priority, prompted with the question of security Yaser replied, “It’s something which I consider to be the existential threat to this kind of technology. If we’re not mindful of this, and develop safeguards in the system itself … It threatens the viability of this entire medium of communication,”

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