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This is the future of Education in the Virtual Reality World!

This is the future of Education in the Virtual Reality World!

VrTechToday Admin March 11, 2019
When most people hear the term Virtual Reality what comes first to their mind is Entertainment in the form of gaming, watching movies and the like. However, there is an implementation of Virtual Reality into education. Its impacts on schooling have proven to provide a better future for education. Virtual Reality is playing a significant role in overcoming some of the education challenges including difficulties in comprehending information. Students get easily overwhelmed by too much information received in a short period of time as a result they get disengaged and bored. With virtual reality students get access to a virtual world and allow them to interact with it and this motivates them and improve their engagement.

What makes virtual reality a suitable tool in shaping the future of education?

Engaging learning experience

When students are learning on different topics, mostly they would want to have an experience on what they are learning. Unlike books which only express ideas through illustrations and word descriptions, VR has the capabilities of enabling the learner to learn on a given topic or idea through living in it. As the human body feels its living in it, this aids in improvement of engagement of the learner.

Makes learning scalable

Learning through Lab experiences are amazing since it enable learners to have a practical experience on a given topic. Implementation of Lab technologies is expensive and this limits its scalability. VR is scalable making the learning process a more engaging and dynamic experience. A simple VR device can enable creation of a whole virtual lab and also virtual sophisticated lab equipment.

Various Virtual reality application in Education

Virtual Reality has not only been applied in schools and universities but also in workplaces learning. For Instance, some of the applications include:

Medical Programs

VR implementation in medical training has made medical education easy and through the simulation of different clinical cases many doctors and nurses are able to improve their skills greatly, easily and efficiently.


VR is taking design to greater levels. This technology has greatly aided in editing, testing, transformation and creation of 3D models.

Distant Learning

Virtual Reality has improved the convenience of online learning as it has enabled individuals to have a sense of being present in the classroom.


In conclusion, Virtual reality is shaping education. Continual application of virtual reality in education will create a new young generation of learners who are inspired, innovative and ready to transform the world in a great way. So, what do you think about VR’s integration with education? Tell us your views in the comments section below.

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