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Unreal Engine’s new release gives real feature access to all

Unreal Engine’s new release gives real feature access to all

VrTechToday Admin April 19, 2018

Unreal Engine is still among the popular virtual reality and augmented reality engines. It is extremely powerful and so versatile that even Hollywood could not resist using it. The 4.19 version releases a load of features. These improvements will make it further irresistible to the developers and creators of virtual content.

The Epic Games created Unreal Engine has gone through a number of updates. These updates added a plethora of features. There is a large GitHub developer community submits many fixes and updates thereby contributing to this. Even this update, 4.19 was first available to the developers. It is now available for all.

There are a lot of interesting updates for creators of Virtual Reality content in this release. The Unified Unreal AR framework is one such feature. This will enable developers to build AR apps on the portable platforms from Google as well as Apple. The Unified Unreal AR framework created app will work using one code path for ARKit as well as ARCore. There will be no need to create different projects for both.

Another feature called the Motion Controller Component Visualisation comes in with this update. Adding a display model Static Mesh to the Motion Controllers becomes easy now. The device driving the motion controller will be matched to it by default. The Oculus touch is one such example.

There are quite a few updates even to the Live Link plugin. This has enabled the users of the Unreal Engine to connect to Maya using the Unreal Engine 4. The user can also get a real-time preview of the changes done in Maya. This is possible through the editor of the Unreal Engine 4. Now, Live Link is compatible with the motion controllers.

The new version supports the Vive by HTC. Also,this release integrates all the recent SDK releasesfrom Steam VR, Android, Oculus, iOS and many others.

This new update lets you explore the creative process deeply. The updates help you create an experience that is faster and yet maintains quality. The Unreal Engine’s 4.19 release helps you visualize exactly what you are creating.  It doesn’t matter if you are creating an intricate game or an architectural view, you know exactly how it is going to look at the end.

Nothing is enough when you let your imagination run wild. And this update helps you in creating the virtual world straight out of your imagination. The constant improvements to the Sequencer help you gain control of all the scenes in real-time.

There is better landscape rendering in this version. This will enable you to create massive open worlds and mesmerizing vistas. For the creative souls, only the sky is the limit. You can explore the core of your creative senses and bring them to life. The Dynamic Resolution helps making experiences on the Xbox and the PlayStation smoother.

There is also an abundance of features in the usability and workflow areas. The release cannot be complete without these. And the 4.19 release surely passes with flying colors with respect to these features. The Material Layers are easier to work with. They are more intuitive than ever. Even the debugging features for blueprints are exceptional. The normal debugging basics of step over, step out and step in are available now. You can now save the content folders as favorites. Commands for animation toolsare pinnable. Multiple viewports are also possible now.

Are you exciting like us, for new release of Unreal Engine ? Share you experience and join us.

Image Credit : unrealengine

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