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Valve Index VR headset


Valve is set to release Valve Index VR headset, a type of VR headset that looks like a high-end headset to be able to compete with other VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Its Valves first foray into the VR headset space. The valve Index is likely to work with the PC only and will also be compatible with the current base stations, and Valve’s new Knuckle controllers. Valve is set to release the Index Headsets on 1st June and the pre-order is set to go live on 1st May.   The whole kit which includes a headset, two base stations and controllers is supposed to cost $1000.

Features of the Index Hardware

1.    Cameras –The index has cameras that are not designed for inside-out tracking. The cameras will be available for developers’ who wish to create new experiences in applications like video pass through which allows one to see what is happening in the outside world without removing the headset. This is one of the ways to mitigate the pain of navigating the real world using a VR headset

2.    Adjustable lenses-it’s made up of lenses that are canted by five degrees which help in increasing the field of view while maintaining the focus on the edge

3.    Headphones- it has inbuilt headphones which will be off ear immersion which will be more comfortable. According to Valve “The headphones have been designed so the sound interacts with the geometry of the outer ear and the head”

4.    Head strap– the strap is made with an anti-microbial cloth and over-the-head strap which is vital for long playing. It also has removable face casket which makes cleaning it easier.

5. Controllers– Valve is aiming to ensure the Index accessories are the best in the market. Valve wants to use Knuckle controllers on the Index headset since this controller are projected to be the next generation Virtual Reality controllers.


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