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Varjo Prototype VR Headset – Virtual Reality as Sharp as Human Eye

Varjo Prototype VR Headset – Virtual Reality as Sharp as Human Eye

VrTechToday Admin March 29, 2018

The prototype, Virtual Reality (VR) headset generates a realistic virtual world. It makes the user feel that he’s a part of it. Varjo prototype VR headset provides detailed and high definition image of objects, even if the outer area is fuzzier.

The manufacturers have made the prototype based on how the human eyes see. Human eye focuses only a small part of the scene it sees and the brain fills in the rest. The same way, the headset provides an HD image of the scene your eyes are concentrating. The peripheral scene appears in a lower resolution. Hence, it uses an eye-tracking technology to know which scene it has to display in HD.

It uses a limited computing power. Also, it provides 50% sharper image as compared to other headsets on the market today.

Varjo Alpha Prototype VR headset specifications

  • FOV: 100 degrees for context display, 35 horizontal for focus displays
  • Context display: 1080×1200 @ 90Hz, 8bpp (for each eye)
  • Varjo Bionic display™: 1920×1080 @ TBD, 8bpp (for each eye)
  • Integrated 100Hz stereo eye-tracking
  • Steam® VR tracking with controller support


Applications of VR

  • The technology can become an important part of the designing process for businesses. It provides a 3D visualization in HD, of the designs of buildings, cityscapes, automobiles etc.
  • Moreover, Simulator training through VR can be given to pilots and proficients thus reducing the training costs as well.
  • Also, it is useful for entertainment purposes to have a more realistic experience.

Shaking hands with the Corporate

The technology being costly has led to the Helsinki-based firm in aiming corporate customers. Architects, construction firms, manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, carmakers and the entertainment industry are its associates.

  • Aerospace firms Saab and Airbus have shown concern towards the technology.
  • Moreover, carmakers such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Audi are helping to develop the prototype. So they have requested for an early arrival of the technology.
  • Unreal and Unity (platforms of game development) are technical associates.

Competitions faced by the technology.

The rivals are on a quest to compete with the technology.

Tobii, an eye-tracking firm, has collaborated with Chipmaker Qualcomm. They’re aiming to make headsets concentrating on the power of graphical processing to build a more realistic product.

Problems faced by VR

  • The headsets are compared with today’s HD devices such as smartphones and TVs.
  • The slow rates and moving the head causes the image to lag behind. Thus, it makes the user get a nauseatic feeling while watching fast-moving contents. It makes you feel unsynchronized too.
  • Sometimes, it becomes uncomfortable to put the bulky headset for a long time. Moreover, the technology doesn’t cope up with the users’ expectations sometimes.

Makers of VR headset addressing the Problems

  • In April, HTC is launching Vive headset Pro, which provides a high-resolution of the screen. Also, it also provides a comfortable strap to carry it.
  • Also, Pimax has manufactured headset with view field of 200 degrees and ultra HD 8K image resolution.
  • Low-cost headsets like Samsung’s Gear in which your smartphone serves as your screen. On the contrary, Oculus GO of Facebook and Mirage Solo of Lenovo eliminates the desire of personal computer or a phone.
  • Using the wireless dongle accessory, the users will be able to unplug the headset from the computer and move freely.

VR headset made the virtual appear more realistic. Using it, a person can even experience the world sitting at his home. It can serve as a powerful gadget in the near future in revolutionizing things. Therefore, it can be a great help in all the possible fields.

Although, it’s facing some problems in the present era, of course, a prototype is not the same as a final product. Therefore, several changes need to be made in the prototype to make the best out of it. Developers are still working on it to uproot the problems and get a better product.

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Image Credit- Varjo



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