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Tech Friendly Pastor using virtual reality to Deliver Virtual Baptisms

Tech Friendly Pastor using virtual reality to Deliver Virtual Baptisms

VrTechToday Admin June 19, 2018

To declare your faith, it is essential to baptize first as a Christian. We can call it to be a rejuvenating act or purification process. The monastery leader performs the ceremony in the monastery or in any water body nearby. It is one of the most powerful moments in a Christian folk’s life. Some people do not remember it at all, as it happens very earlier in their life. Now, things are very different, though. Conventional proceedings have changed largely, VR church is the latest advancement.

Virtual Reality use in Baptism

The special ceremony of showering baptism water to a couple of VR church attendees happened recently using the VR technology. It does not really matter where you are from. You can be from the Russian subcontinent, African Dark Continent or may be from the Solomon Islands. It does not really matter. In reality, the church leader showers waters for a few seconds to baptize the attendees. In using this technological advantage, the attendees stay under the baptism water for almost a minute. Is not it a great experience? Yes, of course, it clearly has a better impact in fact.

Sacraments of the VR church

Substituting the vital events in the believer’s life is not a great idea, says quite a few church leaders. Some other modern pastors are of the opinion that it is truly acceptable. The symbolic representation that the person is leaving the old lives and gaining new lives is baptism. That is happening through virtual reality quite easily. It is an encouraging idea that inspires many new believers to join the community. If VRT or VR-technology is helpful, enough to increase the number of followers of the religion then why not use it?

Second life and its Popularity

When the platform became popular in the recent times, the idea of VR became popular as well. This is a simple way to bring people together. Like-minded individuals are able to group together for a better cause. Virtual experience is quite great with NEARPOD. That is how people convert to Islam.

VR church is not just alone, though. There is 3D Mecca. It is a field trip in three dimensions. It is a center of faith for Islam. The tour is full of animation. These virtual congregations are inspiring. Other religions love to follow the same suit as well. There are social VR networking platforms. Use it to take the best advantage. Bring invaluable changes now.

Scope Unlimited

It is quite easy to scout for the best in the Virtual reality arena now. Listen to the latest and the top news of the hour, from the premium online platform meant for VRT Get the weekly updates straight to your inbox. Use the online resources to stay tuned to the world updates in the field of VRT. Of course, it is one of the most scintillating domains of the modern times. Each one of us is so passionate to learn more about the applications of VRT for one reason or the other.

Any comments both critical and encouraging are most welcome. Please pen your opinion, views and ideas for betterment.

Image Credit: Altspace VR

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