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Virtual Financial Agents? This may actually become a reality due to the Collaboration of Fidelity Labs and Amazon

Virtual Financial Agents? This may actually become a reality due to the Collaboration of Fidelity Labs and Amazon

VrTechToday Admin May 21, 2018

Amazon has decided on a joint effort with Fidelity Labs. They believe in making financial advisers virtual. These tech experts have come together to create virtual financial agents using VR. They want to help people learn about their stock options using virtual reality.

Fidelity Labs is Fidelity Investments’ Research Lab which created the financial agent. Tuesday saw its debut. This debut was a joint effort of Amazon and Fidelity Labs. Here people could interact with the virtual agent using a pair of VR headsets.

Amazon has already launched their Sumerian Virtual Reality and AR developer tools. These are publicly available for VR and AR app development.

Amazon’s Sumerian tools were used for the Virtual Reality demo. They used the tools to check if it is possible to actually use VR for enabling this technology. This demo helps the financial firm prepare in case VR technology garners popularity among their consumers. They will be able to create such VR apps if ever the need arises.

The company showed how people can interact with a virtual financial agents called Cora. This virtual planner can listen to any kind of financial request like checking a company’s stock performance. Cora brings up a chart on her virtual office wall with the company’s stock projection.

One of the highlights of the demo was Cora’s effective response to human voices. This was especially useful as people don’t need to navigate the VR controller in order to make the system perform a certain task.

As of now, the virtual financial agents system is restricted to VR labs alone. It is not available for public use. Plans are in process to make it available to their customers in order to get feedback.

In the case of Amazon, they expect this system to get them a head start in the VR market. More so into the business of creating new VR apps. They already have the tools and their cloud service viz Amazon Web Services. With this, they hope to get new business in the Virtual Reality space.

VR use in Corporate is different than Gaming use

Amazon hopes to create tools that cater to businesses other than gaming companies. Amazon wishes to create VR tools for specific corporate needs. For this purpose they are joining forces with companies like Fidelity Labs.

There is a lot of difference in how game developers use VR tools compared to other corporates that use them. What game developers emphasize, on other enterprises won’t even bother about.

There is also an observation that some headsets work better for some tasks and not for others. For example, There are VR headsets that work with smartphones. These are more suited for companies that use VR for employee training. Especially when the number of people is more it is more cost-effective to use mobile VR headsets. It is better than setting up a large amount of headsets like the HTC Vive.

Do let us know your thoughts about this virtual financial agents concept. We love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below and help us improve.

Image Credit:Fidelity Labs

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