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Virtual Reality in 2018 – Current Status and Reasons Behind

Virtual Reality in 2018 – Current Status and Reasons Behind

VrTechToday Admin March 23, 2018


The roots of VR go back almost a century to the time of Stanley Weinbaum in the year 1935.

His story, Pygmalion’s Spectacles, a science fiction at the time gave us the first peek into Virtual Reality. The ‘Spectacles’ were a goggles based VR system that had multiple inputs, audio, video, smell etc., Today this vision is a reality.

Today, VR is no longer a new concept, although it may seem a relatively new concept, still in adoption period, it is becoming more and more widely manufactured and sold all across the globe. 2017 marked a large advancement for this platform, with the rapid increase in acceptance by consumers. The figure below clearly depicts the rise in its sales from 11.2 Million in 2016 to 13.85 Million in 2017. Also, VR sales in 2018 are expanding exponentially, and tech companies are expanding with the demand just as fast. Headsets, games with VR, controllers and many other experiences have picked up momentum and are here to stay.

VR sales

There are many reasons why VR is only going to get more popular, but the top three are listed below.

Advanced Headsets development and release

Initially what held back people from trying out or adopting VR was the cost of the devices. Today, companies are working really hard to bring down the cost of these headsets and they have become more and more affordable with time. The ‘buy after try’ method adopted by VR companies is one of the best marketing tactics used which further increased the sales. The gadgets are available in different price ranges making it possible for middle- income range customers to get a piece of the technology. Some of the most popular VR sets in the market are HTC VIVE Focus and Pro, Occulus Go and Santa Cruz etc.

Social Media has jumped on the VR Wagon

Facebook being one of the top social media platforms has also started using Virtual Reality. Researching the VR world reveals that every day some new social platform is bringing in VR platforms that make the social media life even more realistic. With the help of VR, people are able to share a more realistic picture of the places they visit for you to explore. Geography is no longer a barrier that is stopping you from experiencing remote locations. VR has made possible remote meetings convenient. The connectivity is better than ever and the experience is more realistic and lifelike. Virtual Reality is making it possible to connect like never before. Facebook invested in VR right from the beginning when it was brought about in the year 2006.

Today, there are an endless number of applications and merits to the advantages of VR due to its diverse range of applications. Virtual Reality does not discriminate against anything or anyone. Sexuality, Gender and Disability are all the same to it. It can be used by anyone and at any point of time to spread their message.

How film industry is advancing by making use of VR

Ready Player One: This is a film about a dystopian world in the future.

The world is an overpopulated planet with appalling conditions for the living, especially for the poor at the very bottom rung of the economic ladder. In the movie, Virtual Reality is a common commodity, used by everyone. The Oasis is a virtual world and a lifeline for the poorest of the poor who live in isolation. It is where they go to live their lives, learn to meet people and socialize.

An Oasis creator dies and leaves behind a quest in which the winner that gets to the top inherits his wealth and shares of the platform Oasis.

The protagonist, Wade, is a very brave intelligent, highly skilled VR player from a part of the community that is disenfranchised from normal society in real life. The kicker is that he gets to interact with the best of the Oasis where everyone starts at the bottom. He has a chance to win at this quest and with his intelligence, quick thinking, and excellent gaming skill, he gets a chance to be the best and maybe even win the quest of the century.

Here is a link if you want to watch the trailer:

The movie shows a rich depiction of VR which may come to fruition sooner than later. It will change the world and VR developments yet to come in 2018 will surely blow your mind and redefine visual media in the industry forever.



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