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Virtual Reality in the Workplace: Millennials say Yes!

Virtual Reality in the Workplace: Millennials say Yes!

VrTechToday Admin March 30, 2018

It’s a tacit fact that the demographic most receptive to technology are Millennials. In a manner of speaking, one could say that they more or less live online. Millennials use technology to do basically everything, and they are currently itching for a new form of technology. And those are virtual reality in the workplace and augmented reality  in the workplace

When this form of technology is already being used in games, why not have it in the workplace too?

A survey about technological change in the workplace interviewed both Millennials and older employees. It shows the former heavily in support of a more tech-friendly work environment. Some of the results are as follows:

  • Millennials are likely to quit a job because it’s less tech-friendly.
  • 82% state that having a high tech office can affect their decision about taking a job
  • 44% believe their offices are not tech-friendly enough.
  • Millennials globally are dissatisfied with old technology in the workplace.
  • 58% of Millennials globally prefer offices with VR and AR, as opposed to ping pong tables.

With these results, the common denominator is that Millennials welcome AR and virtual reality in the workplace. The explanation is that these technologies would increase their productivity, or as they say, “workflow”. How will this happen? Here’s how.

Better Collaboration

In any business, it is an unspoken rule that collaboration develops synergy which helps teams get more work done in less amount of time. Video calling and video conferencing certainly achieve this. But with VR, which puts people in a virtual space of their own choosing, allows people to move together, and provides a better overall sharing system, the possibilities multiply.

Improved Training Mechanism

Unlike some contemporary training methods, VR gives latitude to train from any place and at any time. This gives trainees the freedom to train at their own convenience, which is a plus, and it’s compounded by VR’s much more realistic feel. Suffice to say, VR likely increases the possibility of a more effective training.

Advanced Work Environment

The normative file-storing setting is a recipe for misplaced documents, poorly sorted files, and other sources of inconvenience. Virtual reality in the workplace eliminates these problems or at least mitigates them. Information is safely secured, easily accessed, and better sorted according to the user’s wishes. It’s not surprising why the above survey reports that 82% of Millennials regard having a high tech-friendly office as a factor that influences their decision about whether they’ll take a job and up to 42% can quit working in an environment with low-level tech.

Developing and Testing Models

Virtual Reality is a product of the engineering industry and has the capability to enhance its operations. Design engineers can use VR to test products and assess a customer’s experience. This function is making its way into other industries on various levels. VR also gives an edge to manufacturer’s as it allows potential customers to see and test a product in a virtual space capable of eliciting a response from other senses. It is an augmented way of testing and showcasing products.

Better Privacy and Respite

VR is a potent instrument of unparalleled privacy, which employees can use in a variety of ways. VR allows users to place themselves in an environment of their choosing. For some people, it could be a place that stimulates thought like a beach, a garden, or any kind of place that serves as their perfect work environment. In another form, VR can also be used for relaxation and an escape into the employee’s place of choice. Virtual reality in the workplace breaks can be what some people need to re-energize and resume work with more focus, which in turn enhances productivity.

AR and VR are still at their nascence in a work environment. With a myriad of possibilities and a reception to technology, it’s easy to extrapolate that Millennials are on the horizon waiting for this technology to make its way into the office.

Image Credit- Flickr

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