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Virtual reality is bringing a whole new experience in Events Planning Industry

Virtual reality is bringing a whole new experience in Events Planning Industry

patrickrisa April 10, 2019

Virtual Reality has many applications ranging from broad applications in brand activation to consumer space applications, and its applications keep growing each day. Its new use is in event planning, and it has brought a unique experience in this industry. Virtual reality is a total game changer in event planning since it has overcome some of the significant challenges facing the sector which include making changes to a construction which has already kicked off. Some of the changes made during development are usually costly to event planners, but with the introduction of Virtual reality, event planners can now see possible changes required before construction. This technology also enables clients to have an understanding of the planned event before its construction.

The Team behind the implementation of Virtual Reality in Event planning

The company we keep (TCWK), a brand experience agency is implementing a spatial Immersive VR tool to the Events Industry. It predicts the tool will be a standard in the events industry. “By seeing ideas in a virtual space and to scale, there’s opportunity for richer, creative problem-solving and the luxury of more time to troubleshoot if necessary. It really feels like we’re rewriting the event’s planning rule-book, which is pretty exciting. There’s a real shift happening as the use of AI, VR, and MR are becoming a mandatory part of the experience, not just a bolt-on. ” Explained, Nigel Ruffell, TCWK founder when interviewed by CMO.

“We used VR for Salesforce to visualize the journey before we went on site. We were able to walk through what people were going to experience at the event before it was built. This was traditionally done via renders, so clients would go through pages and pages of renders trying to visualize what the final event might look like. I figured there had to be a better way. So we talked to 7DX, which has this software available that enables us to create our own VR from assets we would already be producing. This saves time and money by preventing a lot of changes.” Further Emphasized Nigel Ruffel when explaining the positive impact of the Virtual Reality on Event planning.

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