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Want to make a journey to Heaven take a tour with Virtual Death Simulator Launched by Chinese Graveyard

Want to make a journey to Heaven take a tour with Virtual Death Simulator Launched by Chinese Graveyard

VR Tech Today May 10, 2018

From any cozy space of your house, the power of virtual reality will make you travel to other landscape. The technology renders fights with the shark and even, the blackness of space. The experience of the players leaves them in the totally amazing state. The technology like virtual reality simulator shares the uncommon glimpse of the afterlife.

The Virtual Reality Simulator

Death of a living being the biggest truth of the universe, but everyone is not ready to handle it. The technology eases one to cross the threshold from life to death. To experience the life heaven, the Beijing graveyard named as Babaoshan Cemetery, introduced a VR simulator. The simulator takes the place of the dead person and witnesses the life of heaven. Generally, the mind of a common person doesn’t think such an impractical situations.  Don’t give too pressure on your mind, because the simulator is more familiar than your thoughts.

Exciting for Chinese cemetery visitor

The visitors of Chinese cemetery get the opportunity to experience the life of a dead person. The project layout says to give the experience of death to the player with the glimpse of heaven. The cemetery gives two different scenarios, the one is revolutionary heroes and the second one is the high-ranking government. They reportedly host both the scenarios.

The mode of virtual reality simulator

The first scenario is from the perspective of a hospital patient. The screen of the player goes dark and in next second, it experiences bright lights with himself standing in heaven like area. The player will also see the flashback on his past life. The flashback will be based on the computer-generated past life. The second scenario, tells the facility and funeral process offered at Babaoshan.

The simulation vision of the first-person showcase the bright lights and explosions. The gate of heaven looks like the Chinese temple. The decoration of heaven is awesome and surrounded by clouds.

What media says?

According to the report of Global Times, the people have given mix response to the virtual reality technology and idea. Some find it an amazing experience but says it looks like a movie scene. The cemetery has in counter-attack says, it teaches us to value your life. The cemetery has in counter-attack says, it teaches us to value your life. The technology and idea give us a chance to participate as a hero. The hero is able to cherish events of the life after he dies.

The virtual reality simulation shows the first perspective of the dead person. The heaven ambiance filled with bright lights and explosions and other funeral services rendered by cemetery. The virtual reality shows Chinese styled gate, surrounded by clouds. It offers players to look back on the moments of the life.

The second mode reveals the details of working style of Babaoshan employee. It showcases the process of funeral and services provided the cemetery. The second mode does the promotion of cemetery services. The Babaoshan was the first cemetery to use virtual reality technology in China.

The unfamiliar Experience

It is an optimistic experience, as we do not know what happens after death. The different individuals have different views towards the simulation. The experience or simulation will make people talk and think more openly about the topic. It was earlier like an unexplorable part of life.

This is one the real simulation of death and most of the people will be eager to experience it. It is a cool idea and brings reassurance about the greatest truth of the universe. The virtual reality simulator will give you an entertaining and immersive journey.

If you like, the rides of heaven with virtual reality simulator then please don’t forget to post your valuable comment.

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