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Google Play’s winner “Virtual Virtual Reality” is Expanding to other Platforms

Google Play’s winner “Virtual Virtual Reality” is Expanding to other Platforms

VrTechToday Admin May 12, 2018

Tender Claws is looking to take their “ Virtual Virtual Reality ” video game places. They are planning on getting on to newer platforms. They are doing this by releasing their game on new headsets like the Oculus Go, Lenovo’s Mirage Solo and Samsung’s Gear VR. The launch of this VR experience was especially for Google Daydream. Since its release last year it has turned out to be an award winner.

This game, “Virtual Virtual Reality” takes you to a world in the future. This is a world where Artificial Intelligence has changed the world as we know it. This makes the humans look for an alternate purpose. When you begin the game you are welcomed by an Overlord called Chaz. You step into Activitude, a service where humans help AI clients in various tasks. The players require several VR headsets for the entire game.These headsets help in transporting the players to the various virtual reality experiences within the game and accomplish the tasks. The story unravels as the players proceed deeper into the game. Finally, the players need to retrieve the human in them and break away on time. The game offers a thrilling VR experience.

The Creative Studio released “Virtual Virtual Reality” exclusively last year. The creators were ecstatic with the profound success that the game has received since it was first launched. This overwhelming response has led them to release the game on the other platforms as well. This thought led them to include Lenovo’s Mirage Solo, the Oculus Go,and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. This will help players all over get access to the game irrespective of the setup they have. The introduction of the VR game to these platforms will help so many different people to get a taste of this crazy experience.

When there are talks about the future of Virtual Reality the one point that comes out is that you cannot think of a game in 2D and try to emulate into 3D. Often people go about designing the screenplay or the concept of a game in 2D. They think it’s easy to transfer the game into 3D. But this is far from the truth. To design for the Virtual Reality space and the environment, one needs to visualize the capabilities of the medium and go about it taking all the nuances into consideration. One needs to consider the players perspective along with the advantages that the medium has to offer also.

You can now play the “Virtual Virtual Reality” game using any of these three headsets, Oculus’s Go, the Samsung Gear VR or Lenovo’s Mirage Solo.

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