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The Wireless Adapter by Vive is Launching this Summer

The Wireless Adapter by Vive is Launching this Summer

VrTechToday Admin June 30, 2018

At the beginning of the year, HTC revealed their Vive Wireless Adapter. Recently they confirmed that it is right on track at the E3 2018. They also gave a peek at some of the battery and operation details of the device.

The company spokesperson confirmed the launch and it is on target which is late summer. They also displayed the Vive Pro with the Vive Wireless adapter.

Wireless means that there will be no wires connecting to your PC. This also means there will be a battery and with a battery comes charging requirements. HTC sells the QC 3.0 powerbank as an accessory. This will be the battery shipped with the unit. This battery will help power up both the headset and the adapter. This battery takes upto an hour to fully charge and its expected life is two to three hours. The power output on the battery is a USB port. The presence of a simple USB port makes it possible for users to just pick any available powerbank. Although, HTC is yet to confirm this.

This adapter uses the WiGig technology from Intel. It operates in the 60 GHz band. This helps in preventing interference and also aids in low-latency operation. This will surely help the adapter achieve better performance and a more refined VR experience than the one using an HDMI cable.

There can be three wireless adapters simultaneously in use in the same space without interference is what HTC confirms. I assume each of these will have their own transmitters. Ideally, the system’s range is at the most 6 meters from the transmitter.

The TPCast wireless solution comes at approximately $300. This gives a rough estimate of the Vive Wireless Adapter’s price range. HTC is still to confirm the prices. We expect them to target the less price conscious users. So the Vive wireless adapter will fall the into the roughly similar price range of the Vive Pro. As its consumers are mostly commercial and enterprise users who are usually less price conscious.

The DisplayLink Booth at the E2 2018 saw HTC flaunting the Vive Wireless Adapter with the Vive Pro along with a Gatling gun controller that was custom-built to display Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope.

HTC was facing a few technical glitches with the gun controller on the first day. But we will get our hands on the device soon enough to test and review it.

The CES saw a few latency issues in the wireless adapter. DisplayLink’s Marketing Director clarified these problems. He said that there may be lighting issues in the room or in the game which affected the latency. Marketing Director denied any issue with the adapter. He also confirmed there were no lighting issues at the E2 setup so such problems will not occur. How the adapter works in these controlled conditions remains to be found out.

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Image Credit: HTC Vive

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