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WATIFY : Inspire To Transform – Looking VR and AR as the next step in the European Industry

WATIFY : Inspire To Transform – Looking VR and AR as the next step in the European Industry

VR Tech Today May 22, 2018

VR and AR is everywhere across Europe. The industry is booming currently. A significant surge in jobs and the market is expected by 2020. Around 480,000 jobs will emerge in this domain. It will also increase in value and will go up to 34 billion EUR.These projections show the sheer potential of this industry in Europe in the future.

What study says on VR and AR use in Industry?

The study analysed the industry trends for VR and AR. The analysis was for the year 2016 to 2017. It showed that Europe is poised with a good edge in the field of AR and VR. It is fast emerging as a potential competitor. Also that it will capture every opportunity that comes its way. There is a consistent focus on research in this industry in Europe. This is the main reason for their success in this area. The companies in Europe are churning out new apps and content in VR and AR. They have also created and nurtured VR companies.

Also, this technology involves continuous research. This has led to Europe emerging as a major stakeholder in this industry. This development has also made other VR AR teams. These were previously located elsewhere to move to Europe. This relocation helped them in taking advantage of the European expertise.

Role of VR Express

WATIFY makes people aware of the ever changing world of technology in Europe. VR Express was instrumental in giving the WATIFY participants a glimpse into the VR world. They got to experience the speedy and ever changing world of VR.The Bulgarian company is into creating highly interactive experiences. These include 360 degree videos and also VR animations. These experiences are all customized. The VR world is extremely quick and fast paced. It is constantly evolving. The companies involved in VR need to keep up. This is possible with continuous research in this technology.

VR express also give VR hardware. This hardware comprises of computer accessories, peripheries,and computer stations. There are two VR stations at WATIFY Inspire to Transform. These also have all this hardware. All this is accessible to all the participants of WATIFY. They will be able to make use of this next gen technology and get a full VR experience.

Industries and Sectors at Event

At this event, the participants will have the choice of selecting a particular sector to experience virtually. The sectors include manufacturing, healthcare and finance. The also included construction, creative industries, retail, agro food and mechanical engineering. The participants can choose any one of these sectors for the virtual experience. They explored the chosen sector virtually. It was a totally in-depth experience. They got to explore their chosen sectors first hand. The experience included the entire change that the sector underwent. They got to explore it thoroughly through VR.

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