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VR and AR – Revolutionizing Performance Enhancement and Learning

VR and AR – Revolutionizing Performance Enhancement and Learning

VrTechToday Admin May 10, 2018

Virtual Reality isn’t a new concept. The promotion and perpetual craze of VR and AR hit Fever Pitch, the social media platform seven years ago. A number of changes started to happen on this front, which began with Facebook acquiring of Oculus Rift in 2014. Soon other players like HTC and Nvidia joined the league to beat the contemporaries.

Masses got a sneak peek about the VR and AR tools through the demos presented by Facebook giant Mark Zuckerberg. He gave insight into the multiple Low-Fi and Hi-Fi headsets and its perpetual use in our lives. Irrespective of its hype, VR has still not reached out to every household. It is yet remaining to receive enough media coverage.

Something similar is the condition of Augmented Reality (AR) which is termed as the cousin of Virtual Reality. One of the pioneers of AR is which caught the attention of players across the world is “Pokemon Go”. Yet games like the monster games are yet to become a mainstream craze for the people.

Each technology employs different applications and tools for its implementation. This includes the use of human resource tools for improving the productivity and speed of competence.

What is the difference between VR and AR?

Whether AR or VR, the crux of both lies in human interaction using computer interface. Although the requirement of each system and its dynamics of the computer are completely different. AR lays more focus on the real world, makes it easier for improving the performance of the technology. The user is provided with feedback which helps in rendering the developers to know about the changes required. On the other hand, Virtual Reality takes the user into a completely different world away from the external surrounding. The immersion of user in case of VR is more in comparison to AR.

Virtual Reality playing a major role in up scaling Sales

VR is one of the tools which perfectly suits the requirements of training. Often companies spend millions of dollars on understanding the customer needs and progressing the sales. Discovery of VR has assisted brands in connecting with the customers. For example, a brand of the hotel offered clients the opportunity to tour their sister property through VR. This helps to build a strong connection with the users and create a deeper relationship with the brand.

The connection of Virtual Reality with Leadership

Virtual Reality also has great potential in the area of Management and Leadership training. The technology uses the 360 degrees visual and aural view which creates a surreal experience for the users. Engaging users in complex problem solving, it has helped put the traditional old methods on the back burner. Furthermore, VR also aids in carrying out HR processes. It simplifies the procedures for testing, intervening and bringing improvements in the workings. This realistic approach will help consumers gain deeper information about the subject through VR and AR.

Often many organizations employ actors and experts to gauge the responses of clients. VR has reduced the cost to a great extent. Virtual Reality allows interaction with masses across the globe.

The future of VR and AR

Though the initial experiences related to augmented technologies has reduced, it’s yet to watch what the future holds. In the grand ocean of technology, VR happens to be a small piece of the wave. The coming wave of newer technologies is ready to sway the masses to its advantage. The future expects much more addition in these innovations in the form of Augmented Reality and Artificial Reality. Let’s wait and watch what impact these technologies holds for future.

Do share your views about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Share your thoughts on the pros and cons of VR. Share your ideas in the comment box below.

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