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Virtual Reality Applications – Surpassing the Surreal

Virtual Reality Applications – Surpassing the Surreal

VrTechToday Admin April 19, 2018

Combine the world of emotions with sensation and what do you get? A world of Virtual Reality!  and amazing VR applications.

VR and Augmented Reality have emerged, as powerful marketing tools and are popular in the following sectors.

1. The Military – bringing the battlefield indoors

Several armed forces are training their troops using VR to recreate complex and dangerous conditions.  Simulations for evasion and resistance activities in a safe environment mold the soldiers for real-time action.  Not only does VR prepare the soldier for war. In cure of wartime injuries and post battle trauma VR is highly helpful.

2. Leveling anxiety pangs

Today we are more aware of mental stresses and anxieties. These challenges are no longer viewed as a stigma. Virtual environments helps in giving relief for anxiety issues well.People with these issues can deal with their fears in a safe virtual environment.  This gives them time and space to build up their confidence levels and desensitize their qualms.


3. Advertising attractions and enhancing experiences 

Due to extremely effective result theme and amusement parks highly use VR applications.  It has also become an attractive selling point to woo tourists.   A sneak peek into what awaits them is sufficient bait to lure them to the tourist spot.


4. Digitally recreating a crime scene

Often a crime scene cannot be preserved for long, especially if it is a public area.  VR recreation of the scene has proved helpful to police and investigators.  For a 360  degree rendering of the crime scene VR applications is best option to choose.  It has proved useful for forensic experts from the initial stages of the investigation up to the pronunciation of judgment.


5. Bringing the stadium to your living room 

One of the most exciting experiences with VR is watching a game, sport or match through visual layering technology. You can feel the excitement of the game as the players chase the ball, sitting in your living room.  It is also useful as an aid to the budding sportsperson.  He or she can analyze different techniques and also measure their performance levels.


6. Museum visits, come alive

Through VR, you can now travel back in time through history to view ancient civilizations.  Or you can hurtle forward into outer space to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.  The totally immersive experience that VR brings to museum visits now makes it an exciting vacation agenda item.

7. VR applications in the realty market

One of the most time-saving applications is VR in the housing market.  You can view properties across the city at your convenience.  This is a win-win situation for both buyer and real estate agent, as it saves time for both.  An added advantage of VR in this sector is that the properties can be virtually furnished. This adds to the customer’s appeal and has a strong selling power.

As you can see, VR applications is not limited to gaming.  In addition to the above, VR has applications in medicine, manufacturing units, digital sculpting, space study and many more.

We shall appreciate your valuable feedback over this VR applications post, please feel free to write to us.

Image Credit: Medium

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