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The Virtual Reality Apps You Need to Have in Your iPhone

The Virtual Reality Apps You Need to Have in Your iPhone

VR Tech Today May 10, 2018

Virtual Reality technologies in use today use headsets designed specifically for VR. Users can interact with the virtual world around them using different VR gadgets available today. Most headsets come with a display that includes a miniature screen fitted in line with the user’s eyes. This projects artificial objects and the artificial world generated around. Now why and which virtual reality apps is needed to make things more fun.

Must-Have Virtual Reality Apps for Your Device(s)

Given the speed at which Virtual Reality has gained in usage, here are some virtual reality apps for that have become ‘must-haves’-

1. EndSpace

End Space is a VR based gaming app for iOS. The app creates a VR environment where a user takes control of his or her spaceship. The mission is to attack and destroy enemy spacecraft. The colors & graphics are state of the art, the game progresses at a fast pace. The cost of End Space Virtual Reality is 99 cents.

2. InMind

InMind VR is an app developed by Nival. The tasks for users are to cure patients suffering from mental problems like depressive disorder. Before being transported into the brain of the patient, users are shrunk to a miniature size. The goal of the game is to destroy any of the red neurons and cure each patient.

InMind offers a tutorial with one scenario included free of charge at the time of installation. For the full version, users need to pay $2.99 and can avail up to 300 different scenarios.

3. Jaunt

Jaunt VR application is marketed as a virtual reality cinematic experience. It allows the user to access its portal & chose from a number of movies, documentaries & similar videos and performances. The app allows the user to:

  1. Virtually experience sports events from the athlete’s viewpoint,
  2. Explore areas of the globe with its flora and fauna,
  3. Get a first-hand view of people and facing human and man-made disasters.

4. Liftoff

The Liftoff virtual reality apps was created by Neal Muraka. It is a simple to use app designed for the space age. Via this app, users can experience the launch of a SpaceX flight or the release of a satellite to orbit in space.

The app also allows users to try their hand at flying a space booster onto a spaceship without its causing a crash or explosion.

5. Moon

The VR Moon app is free to download and use. A. Sasaki is the creator of the Moon Virtual Reality app. The app transports users to Moon from where they can watch the Earth, stars and the Sun, all via virtual reality.

It also allows users to walk across the Moon and explore the various craters, dunes, and hillocks that dot the surface of the moon.


With the rapid development and evolution of virtual reality, as a medium for entertainment and for education and research, it is fast becoming the go-to solution. This is true for gamers, educationists and researchers alike.

Major IT companies have recognized that VR, in conjunction with advancements in mobile and similar hardware technologies, is the next big thing in IT. IT companies are allocating an ever-increasing dollar amount to the development of in-house expertise in this field.

The apps listed above are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can use VR for. We hope you found this post useful. We look forward to your feedback and comments. If you would like us to focus on a specific field of, let us know via the Comments section and we will try to accommodate your request.

Image Credit : Techmobis

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