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How Virtual Reality can be the Alternative of Opioids and Marijuana to Manage Pain?

How Virtual Reality can be the Alternative of Opioids and Marijuana to Manage Pain?

VrTechToday Admin June 21, 2018

Isn’t it surprising to see the use of VR in the field of healthcare? Yes, it is. The cool gadget has extended its use in the field of healthcare and fitness of the inmate. Thus, VR to manage pain aids in the process of recovery of the sufferer. Also, it is noticeable that the headset is helping in physical suffering management. It effectively replaces drugs like opioids and marijuana. People use the automation to get relief from the physical suffering. Along with this, it is healthier as the drugs are not good for the body. And, the drugs cannot be used for long terms and can cause side effects.

Where has the VR to Manage Pain Proved Useful?

The headset has proved itself useful in the applications of surgery, changing the mental attitude of the people who are in depression or drug abuse inmates. Also, it is utilized to understand the psychology of the inmates and in educating the children about medicines.

Furthermore, the technology prevents stress and depression. It can be helpful in getting rid of the addiction and to promote the fitness and health of an individual. In addition, the distraction caused by the technology can aid the inmates by not letting them experience the physical suffering. Along with this, it improves the sharpening of the clinical skills and helps in surgical practice.

Moreover, the excitement of the VR to manage pain helps to encourage the patients for the procedure of treatment. This is so, as they get more involved in the technology so they forget about their treatment.

Uses of the Simulation

The virtual reality has its applications in many fields.

  • VR acts as a substitute for opioids and marijuana for pain management.
  • The technology is also used as an alternative to cannabis.
  • It aids in distracting the patients by involving them in the exciting experience and helps them in their treatment.
  • It has a significant impact on the pain of serious patients.
  • Also, to manage the severe pain, the company gives many solutions. Some of them are ‘mindful awareness’ and ‘breath awareness’.
  • Along with this, it can help to ignore the pain from an injection. In addition, it deviates the mind from labor pains and aids in the process of delivery.
  • It also aids in overcoming the fright of phobias and in treating other psychological problems.
  • The gadget fulfills the wish of the parallactic patients to have some exciting experience. The virtual reality gives a tour of various places.

The Difficulties Faced by the Innovation

The protocol faces various challenges in its path of progression. It requires acceptance by the users and needs the required amount of funds to raise and aid the protocol.  The automation has to be tested. In addition, a big challenge is the limitations of the machinery along. In addition, the power of the glasses, its size, and resolution are also a challenge. Also, the cost of the automation is much which is again a challenge.

Moreover, people might have a strain in their eyes due to continuous exposure.

 Making it a Device Available for All

The device needs to make several implementations to drive the consumers towards it. It is decreasing the costs of the device to grab more users towards it. Also, the decrease in the prize of the virtual reality will make it more available in the hospitals. Moreover, increase in the sales of VR will furthermore lead to a decrease in the prize of the device.

The gadget proves itself successful in the field of healthcare and treatment. Also, the gadget serves many benefits. It treats the inmates without any side effects or other issues. VR to manage pain does not have any drawbacks and is not causing any harm to the human body. Therefore, it serves as a good alternative.

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Image Credit: Parkin Parkin

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