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Top trending VR deals available now, Grab it Hurry !

Top trending VR deals available now, Grab it Hurry !

VrTechToday Admin April 18, 2018

If you are thinking of buying a VR product since long then this is the time to go for it. Don’t dwell on it just buy it. It is interesting to see the massive discounts and VR deals available at various products.

Microsoft launched the Mixed Reality headsets just a couple of months ago. But there are already a lot of discounts on it. You can pick one for yourself at some amazingly slashed prices.

We will see some more VR deals that are currently available.

Here are currently available VR deals –

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers

Windows Mixed Reality Bundles

VIVE Room-Scale VR

Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset

SONY Playstation VR Starter Pack & Move Wireless Motion Controllers Bundle

If everyone willing to win the offer race then how Wal-Mart can leave behind. Have a look Walmart’s some terrific savings offers available on VR products too.

These are the kinds of discounts currently available on the VR products. This has obviously made Samsung sweat. So time to time even Samsung put the Odyssey on sale.

The Samsung set keeps going out of stock on Amazon. You can check out Best buy or even Microsoft if you wish to buy them. They too are selling it for the same price. The resolution is mind blowing on this one – 1600×1440. It is available only in one other model which is the Vive Pro by HTC. But that has a steep price. The Samsung Odyssey also offers a wide field view and is the premium headset for Windows VR. But people in Europe may have to wait a little longer for it is yet to arrive there.

There is a lot of speculation on the reason for such massive discounts. But there is no apparent one yet nor does anyone know how long the discounts will last.

Due to the long time the Windows headsets took to launch, the other players had also cut their prices. Let’s see who wins the race, till then we can enjoy the discounts.

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