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The Reality About Virtual Reality that Parents Should Know

The Reality About Virtual Reality that Parents Should Know

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

Increasing VR among Teenagers

As Virtual Reality finds a place in more and more homes, it is vital for parents to know its effects. Parents are finding it painfully difficult to cope with the constant onslaught of technology in their homes. The sheer number of VR users are on the rise. This has left parents worried sick of VR effects on kids.

Due to the highly inclusive nature of VR, it has amazing uses in education. Studies reveal that very few parents actually think of VR as an educational tool. Most of the children use it to play games. As it is still an upcoming technology, the world is yet to see the entire spectrum of its effects. The constant exposure to such an intensive experience may have lasting VR effects on kids.

VR experiences may make it difficult for kids to differentiate between virtual and real. But this same effect is useful in educating children. They can freely experiment with their surroundings owing to their virtual nature. The children have an open ground to experiment with design and 3D modeling. It helps them in envisioning the bigger picture.

Effects of VR on Young Minds

Kids find their first VR experiences fascinating. An experience of flying for just a couple of minutes leaves them awestruck. They feel like getting superpowers. Such profound feelings are what makeparents wary of exposing their children to VR.

Many scientists agree that there is not enough data on the persistent effects of VR on developing children. Getting dizzy and nauseated and also having headaches and strained eyes are its immediate effects.

Parents need to know the effects of VR exposure. They need to be aware of the duration of VR exposure for their children. Even adults need to monitor their VR time duration.

VR Effects on Kids in Education

There are many teachers who use VR in classrooms. Sports training using VR is highly effective. The most important thing is the time limit. You have to mandate breaks even for adults. A minute can be equivalent to hours in the virtual world. In order to avoid overloading the brain senses, time limits are crucial.

VR games are much more involving than normal video games. A VR game can unsettle a person easily. Parents should make sure that there are no pointed objects or obstacles where the kids are playing. It is very easy to hurt yourself when playing. The best bet is to keep someone to monitor play time.

Despite its varied uses in education, most parents believe that VR is more for recreational purposes. This is owing to a majority of their children using VR for playing games. There are experts who believe that positive VR effects on kids also being done. The friendships and connections created in the virtual trysts can bring about a sense of empathy in kids.

Parents still have their doubts regarding this technology. They are yet to trust it fully to give their children access to it. There are still a lot of questions about the amount of time one should spend on VR. There is no clarity over what amount of time is a good time. Reports reveal that there is an ever-increasing number of teenagers that are spending time on VR games. Teenagers these days tend to spend an average 7 hours in front of screens. Kids under the age of 8 spend a comparatively lesser amount.

Is your child’s exposure to VR bothering you? Or are you the one well aware of VR facts and VR effects on kids. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit: FabLab

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