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VR experience a reality to many due to VR arcades

VR experience a reality to many due to VR arcades

VrTechToday Admin March 29, 2018

VR arcades provide a cheap alternative to indulge in the VR experience. These arcades provide a chance to people who cannot afford the expensive accessories to enable VR in their homes. This provides them with a chance to have a few minutes of VR indulgence.

Owing to these arcades, everyone can get a chance at the VR experience. The VR headsets cost a bomb and to top that there is also a need for space to set it up. People get a chance to immerse in this technology at arcades at cheaper rates.

Many countries have started opening up such places for the public. VR is still in its early stages. This leads to doubts about whether such arcades will stand the test of time. As of now, there are many first-timers who flock to these arcades. These arcades are very unlike the traditional ones which are bright and full of noise. VR arcades need to be silent. There are occasional exclamations from patrons who are experiencing the virtual world.

Jack Fortin (left) and Stefan Hussey battled each other

There are sensors to detect movements which create infrared walls that are unseen. These sensors allow players to walk and avoid bumping into obstacles by bending or turning. There is a dedicated space within which one can move. The players get a feel of almost being in the actual game world. They are teleported without actually moving an inch. Sensors are also provided to help people from bumping into real walls.No one can do justice in explaining what the first experience feels like. It should be a first hand experience.

A majority of the games revolve around shooting at someone or horror experiences. There are a few games that are based on sports. People are content with having VR experiences at arcades alone. The sheer costs of such games have refrained people from buying them.

The struggle to make it a business is real

The business will grow and see profits as per the arcade owners.There is a steady stream of people who visit these VR arcades regularly with fairly increased numbers on weekends. The rents at some places make it difficult for these businesses. The revenues are increasing but are not as high as expected.

There are some places that offer group VR experiences. These are expensive yet they see a massive footfall. These places provide the relevant space and technology needed for this experience. The space crunch and expensive VR accessories make it difficult to have this experience at home. This causes many people to visit such places.

As these places gain popularity, and technology becomes cheaper, many people will prefer buying VR sets at home. This may lead to a fall in the number of people that visit these VR arcades. Much like any other technological advancement, such a turn of events cannot be denied.

There is no proper data available on this industry as yet. Studies reveal that a rise in this technology is imminent. The sales of VR accessories for home use will also rise. As of now, the best of the VR headsets require the best of computers as well. You cannot expect to work with a computer having an average configuration. These game need powerful computers to run them.

The gaming industry is the primary focus of this technology. But it will also cover other industries like aerospace, medical, defense and more. Virtual Reality has always been part of military and aerospace. Simulations have been a constant part of these industries and virtual reality plays the lead role in it. Programs for inducting new pilots for example often make use of real-time simulations for flight takeoffs and landings. Similarly, such simulations are also part of military and defense training.

Image Credit- Daria Kadovik/Cronkite New

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