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Now VR can be stream on any device with WebVR site – new launch by Within

Now VR can be stream on any device with WebVR site – new launch by Within

VR Tech Today July 1, 2018

Within, the LA-based start-up who is into virtual reality and cinematic experiences has given away to get VR experience on any device, a fully equipped headset, a desktop, mobile phone, or even a Cardboard Viewer.

Within uses the new emerging technology, WebVR. This technology aids in playing VR experiences directly in any supported browsers. There is no need of any additional software downloads. In fact, the users with VR headsets can directly navigate to Within’s site while in VR itself using their tracking tools and hand controllers.

If you don’t have a VR headset don’t worry. You can still access the site through your traditional web browser. Here just like old times you have to pan around in the video. According to the managers at Within they make things as simple as possible for their users. They like their fans to have a true and awesome VR experience on any device.

The site has some good titles available. These include the animated short “Asteroids” from Baobab Studios, Felix & Paul Studios’ Obama White House doc “The People’s House”, and the instigating short film from Within’s CEO Chris Milk,“Evolution of Verse”.

Mozilla, the creators of FireFox, collaborated with Within to create this site. They are the key players in creating the standards for WebVR. The browser makers are actively into developing the groundwork necessary to run the virtual reality experiences. Along with this, they have also stepped into creating and developing applications in WebVR. They are also creating demos and have also developed a social platform on WebVR, Hubs.

Almost all the VR producers are as yet focusing on creating native apps for the various available VR headsets as WebVR is still in its initial stages. VR porn Studios are one of the few early users of the technology. But they cannot distribute their content through any of the major app stores of the VR headsets.

WebVR shows a lot of promise as they can reach a wide variety of audiences. This is a major advantage for all mainstream publishers especially when the number of headset users increases. Mozilla’s mixed reality directly seemed super excited after seeing Within’s new website. He was genuinely excited to see these big names actually betting on WebVR. They expect the WebVR specification to grow and evolve with the ever-growing number of device users.

The use of VR is going to grow in the future and such new technologies will provide many opportunities to new users. First timers may not want to invest in VR headsets and may actually welcome websites like WebVR. The growth of device users is immense and Within has tapped on to this trend. They are also the first to come up with this idea which gives them a good advantage.

What you think on VR experience on any device feature ?

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Image Credit : Within and Mozilla

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Now VR can be stream on any device with WebVR site – new launch by Within was last modified: July 1, 2018 by VR Tech Today
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