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The Blind can see Art now – Made possible by Virtual Reality

The Blind can see Art now – Made possible by Virtual Reality

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

An exhibition held in Spain recently had a unique experience in store, especially for the blind. A start-up, Neuro Digital Technologies created an amazing experience based on VR for blinds concept. They utilized haptic gloves instead of the usual Virtual Reality headset.

“What if” is a question which everyone always asks while going through the mundane rigors of life. But what if the “What if” becomes true. What if the blind could actually see art with the help of Virtual Reality? What if the art, though virtual replicas, could actually be ‘felt’?

This exhibit did just that. It had an incredible VR experience. This  VR for blinds experience included VR maps of three of the most famous art pieces – The David, Venus de Milo and the exquisite Nefertiti. This exhibit aimed at improving life through technology. It gave the visually impaired something more to look forward to at a museum. The gallery together with an association for the visually impaired organized this revolutionary VR experience.

The VR for Blinds Technology

Experiencing art like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the visually impaired. What made this possible? Just a pair of hi-tech gloves and virtual reality. Actually touching masterpieces is a distant dream for everyone.What with the “don’t touch” signs all over museums. But these gloves with their sensors can help you feel the art pieces with your own hands. The experience proves to be very realistic.

The tiny sensors embedded into these gloves make all this possible. And these gloves have 10 such sensors. These sensors translate many of the unique sensations by vibrating at different frequencies. The frequencies differ according to the different materials. In this way, the end-user is able to identify and differentiate among the variety of materials. You can also identify the multiple textures of the art pieces.

These gloves work with all the latest VR headsets, may it be the Oculus Rift or Samsung’s Gear VR or the Vive by HTC. Virtual Reality got a whole new perspective with this exhibit. This headway in the use of Virtual Reality gives a new light to the future.Its relevance in giving a whole new accessibility to art. This is a different world for the visually impaired. It is unique. It also shows a lot of potential in the field of education.

A novel museum experience for the blind

The only options for the visually impaired before was audio data, but not anymore. This is a major achievement in the field of education.Educating the visually impaired relied only on visual-tactile aid and audio. Now you can actually touch and feel. This will enable faster and more effective learning.

Did you miss the exhibit or wished to see it but couldn’t? Don’t worry! There is a provision to download it on the website. You can experience the art from the exhibit with your VR sets. You will have to buy the gloves though.

The very thought of touching historic art pieces is exciting for many. So this proved to be a dream come true experience. The visually impaired are usually left with just an audio explanation to experience the art at museums.  VR for blinds is an experience everyone would love to witness. Who wouldn’t want to touch these amazing pieces of art? Although virtually but what a feeling!

How did you find this piece on Virtual Reality? Was it informative or do you have any concerns? Do let us know your valuable feedback by leaving your comments below.

Image Credit: The SUN

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