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Will CEEK take Virtual Reality to the Subsequent Stage?

Will CEEK take Virtual Reality to the Subsequent Stage?

VrTechToday Admin May 26, 2018

Can you imagine how VR for celebrity fans can affect their relationship? Stars and fans have a remarkable relationship with each others. However, big names can wind up irritated with all the consideration. Many photos, barely any protection, in some cases by and large stalking. And the rundown appears like it continues forever. A basic Google look yields some comical photographs of big names and their fans. Every photograph is stating “Please leave.”Then again, a few big names use the stage and to better the world. For these stars– be the on-screen characters, artists, or other performers– the spotlight isn’t about them, it’s about their fans. They perform not for the money but for delight of their numerous supporters.

Unluckily, famous people can’t be wherever without a moment’s delay. In spite of the fact that internet has made things considerably less demanding. For example, enabling them to present photographs and recordings or stay in contact with their online audience, individual connections are rare. There should be a “subsequent stage” that further associates superstars to their fans. And for some time now, there hasn’t been a decent challenger.


VR for Celebrity Fans – Potential Fallout

This is evolving, be that as it may. As stars keep on showing enthusiasm for the various capacities of virtual reality. Furthermore, a few of them are currently working with VR organizations to make appearance by the use of VR for celebrity fans.

CEEK, a VR organization with an officially claimed VR headset, has joined with significant performers. Performers like U2, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and the World of Dance, to give fans immersive virtual show encounters. Not substance to keep up the norm, the CEEK group is likewise dealing with some excellent blockchain advancements. That will change the way stars and fans collaborate.


The Impact of CEEK Blockchain Program on Virtual Reality

The center part of CEEK’s blockchain redesign goes around the tokenization of the virtual world. This enables the stage to run all the more productively as well as work more cost-viably. A key component is the ChainLink, a protected Blockchain middleware that gives Ethereum a chance to keep contracts on the CEEK stage associate with outer assets through outside information nourishes. Subsequently, CEEK can offer administrations, for example, “on-chain” memberships for coordinate by using savvy contracts. Fundamentally, it interfaces the installment frameworks of the virtual world with the installment frameworks of this present reality, making a streamlined and productive exchange process.

What’s more, the stage uses the CEEK token, a multi-reason coin that has an assortment of capacities on the stage. In a general sense, CEEK is the money related unit with which clients can buy access to the stage’s VR for celebrity fans highlights. It likewise has a voting capacity, enabling clients to stake or vote on which content they need the stage to give. This enables the stage to powerfully develop with the wants of its client base.

In any case, what does any of this need to do with famous people? As a piece of their blockchain activity, CEEK is appearing the CEEK Virtual Mint element. The CEEK Virtual Mint is a token transformation convention that enables VIPs to make custom tokens or coins for their fans.

In addition, stars will have the capacity to make exceptional, custom encounters VR for celebrity fans, just available through the CEEK stage. This includes backstage passes, interviews, and 360-degree show encounters that essentially aren’t conceivable, in actuality. As it were, the CEEK stage gives an approach to famous people to associate with their fans on a more individual level, removing distance as a barrier. Presently, VR for celebrity fans and their loved stars can interface on a worldwide scale and still have moments that are on a par with the genuine thing– now and again amazingly better; a new arrangement of chances is accessible on the CEEK stage, for both, famous people and their greatest fans.

Image Credits: CEEK

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