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Virtual Reality Improves Transportation Safety But How?

Virtual Reality Improves Transportation Safety But How?

VrTechToday Admin April 19, 2018

According to a  Bureau of Labor Statistics report the number of road fatalities has increased, which has become an increasing concern. Its not only for motorists, but also for drivers in the transportation industry.  Especially since two out of every five work related fatalities are with professional drivers. As a result, a number of different companies have decided to use vr for trucker safety. VR simulate potential road hazards professional drivers may face on the roads to improve response times and safety awareness.

Driver Safety Training

Professional drivers are required to go through safety training as part of their employment with a transportation company. To help address the concerns of road hazards, companies  using vr for trucker safety modules. It gives the driver a complete view of a 3D roadway. Number of potential safety hazards, including oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and parked automobiles can be tested. The hands on safety experience ensures the driver is able to participate in training in a safe and controlled environment.


Hazardous Material Training

It also help to train professional drivers to handle and transport hazardous materials. Because how to load and unload chemicals safely without causing harm to themselves or those around them is important. With simulation training, drivers are able to learn how to handle these chemicals safely. This is both important to prevent accidents or death from occurring,  and in prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals to the environment.


Additional Benefits

There are also some other benefits of using virtual reality training in the transportation industry. Currently, there is a significant shortage in the number of professional drivers on the road. Those companies which offer comprehensive safety training programs will be more attractive to professional drivers.

In addition, the use of technology to supplement the training experience will help to further attract drivers. It also retain drivers who find the safety training programs of a company to be not only adequate but also engaging. Lastly, being able to use simulation modules does not require a company to take a valuable truck out of service in order for it to be used for training purposes. Once driver ready, they can then transfer these skills onto the job and in real life situations.

 Image result for vr for truck driver training trucks.com

Costs of Virtual Training

Some transportation companies have chosen to not implement a virtual reality training program.  Because they are small companies and are able to handle the training demands easily in a face-to-face setting using live equipment. However, for larger transportation companies, the need for training large number of employees with live equipment. Means having to utilize large amount of company hours with limited resources to ensure the rest of the day-to-day operations are not disrupted.

For medium to large transportation companies, the initial implementation of a virtual reality training program may be an investment. But will be significantly more cost effective than traditional training methods.


More Research Needed

It is still unclear if the effectiveness of vr for trucker safety. This is the same, better than, or less than that of the traditional methods. Some companies already using VR methods are voluntarily providing data to researchers. In the meantime the verdict is still out, but the potential for improved training and costs associated with training is still there.


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Image Credit : trucks.com

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