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VR Headsets on Race – Every projection is bewildering!


You gotta see who wins the race? What’s new? And What is next to come?

Virtual reality is the ground breaker hero in this technology era. It is a frame like a mirror in front. In this mirror, you can see all your wildest imaginations and daydreams. When we say real, oh we so mean it! Wearing those VR headsets gets you entry into the fascinating human developed world. The pixels, architecture, and colors can give a potential challenge to the reality. This is getting incredible every next day.

The VR Headsets Giants

Game lovers you have got a lot more to receive this year. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have almost crossed the bars of expectation. Rift has a lot many mouth opening features. A 2160 x 1200 resolution, involving 233 million pixels per seconds, and refreshing at 90 Hz frequency is seriously incredible. You get immersed in powerful views. With smoothest touch controllers your gaming experience goes beyond imagination. HTC Vive is also not far behind. Rather it is the astonishing gadget that has a 360-degree cover which uses 70 sensors to create the potential world in your head. It is reviewed as one of the pioneer gadgets of the year. You are going to feel a worth money performance with Vive and Rift.

We bet you cannot resist seeking into Vive and Rift with the Budget Cuts VR game. It is the deadliest combination on the platter. Budget Cut has also announced same as the release date of Vive and Rift. The VR game engrosses you in moments and interaction that prove it the most innovative VR’s of the decade. This low motion sickness game is bringing an amazing flip in the teleportation style. We hope it won’t mix up to lead us in bizarre!

Range of VR

Apart from Vive and Rift, there are other pocket-friendly VR headsets that should be appreciated. Sony PlayStation VR has given a fair competition to the rivals. This is one of the best seller in the market as it comes in your budget range. It has shown a captivating performance with PlayStation 4. We can assume it is definitely winning wars on sales.

How can’t we beholden to Microsoft baby steps in the VR market. It has tried an effort that has not gone into vain. It is still about creating a more affordable VR in the upcoming years. Samsung Odyssey VR has shown an intellectual AMOLED display integrated graphics. The gadget is more devoted to the mixed reality. It has managed to equal the bars set by Oculus Rift.

Merging your phone with virtual reality

What advances us ahead is towards the unbelievable merge of Mobiles and VRs. Topping the list is Samsung Gear VR headset. Increased VR featured content and a controller that let you adjust the view easily are some additions to the device. Just grab your Samsung phone and slip in the bewildering reality.

Google is also immersing users with its Daydream View. It has increased the featured angle to 100 degrees and has paid more attention to the comfort of the device. The strap is widened to have equal pressure on all the parts. The three degree of freedom controller and compatibility with lots of smartphone devices makes it a ruler in the market. Though, we still expect progress in user experience virtual reality design. Other silent grosser in the market is Merge VR headsets. It uses the lightweight material. The device is compatible with almost all the smartphones including iPhone. You can wrap it in a cube which makes it handy to anywhere.

We are excited about the vapor state gadgets that can enter any time and astound us. Oculus Go, HTC Vive Pro, and Lenovo Mirage Solo are featuring high-end technology in the VR world. We hope they keep their promise and let us slip into the VR saying ‘This is real!’

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