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VR Headsets you should go for in 2019 worth every penny

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VR Headsets you should go for in 2019 worth every penny

VR Headsets you should go for in 2019 worth every penny was last modified: March 15, 2019 by Daniel Kariuki

You are probably thinking of purchasing a cool VR headset that has some new cool features, right? Well, currently that are very many VR headsets in the market. Some of these headsets are very cheap while others are ridiculously expensive. For this reason you first have to do some research prior to purchasing so as to make an informed choice and go for the right product worth your hard earned money. Most importantly, a good VR headset should have good lens, besides that a good VR headset should weigh less. Build quality is also an important factor to consider since it greatly affects the level of comfort when using the headset. Field of view (FOV) is equally important, since the bigger the FOV, the better viewing experiences. The VR headset should also have a good controller for navigation.

Some of this best VR headsets to go for

After thorough research and testing of some of the popular VR headsets for mobile devices, PCs and consoles, we made a list of some of the best VR headsets. We took into consideration the setup, equipment and pricing. These VR headsets include:


HTC VIVE PRO has just entered the market and it’s considered the “the best” in the market. It’s an improvement of the original vive. It provides unparalleled visuals and its exterior design and is greatly improved. This VR headset is very user friendly, HTC with consideration that it’s new to most users, it has incorporated setup instructions to simplify its use. Its weight is relatively great. Its headband and the interior has a soft padding designed to achieve comfort. It has in built headphones which are easily adjustable. Its graphics look sharper and neater. It also has a great resolution of 2880*1600. HTC is also running a promotion by offering customers Viveport for free for a period of Six months if they purchase the Vive pro by June 3, 2018.

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If you own a PS4, then PSVR is the ultimate VR headset you need, it’s the best console Virtual Reality Headset. It enables PS4 play VR games without buying a complete PC. Compared with HTV VIVE, it’s significantly cheaper. Its OLED display has a better color reproduction compared to its competitors in the market. It has a great tracking system and offers great visuals.

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OCULUS GO is considered the best mobile VR in the market. It provides users with a great entry level experience at a pocket friendly price. It’s a great VR headset for individuals who don’t want to have some external tethering. It’s compatible with different range of smartphones which is not the case with most of its competitors in the market.

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