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VR in Pain Relief – a Reality for Future Medicine

VR in Pain Relief – a Reality for Future Medicine

VrTechToday Admin March 28, 2018

Technology has helped ease many problems providing a lucrative solution to a myriad of complicated issues. From gaming to education, all fields have witnessed the essence of technological advancements. The latest to join the pavilion is the field of Medicine. Yes, you heard it right. Many hospitals are contemplating to include VR in pain relief as an operative way to reduce the post surgeries pains.

The concepts are no false

While many may consider this theory to have appeared out of blue, there are facts backing the concept. They conducted first such study on a group of children diagnosed with cancers. The first group of kids viewed immersive content on the VR while the procedures were on.  While another group of patients did not view contents on the VR during the operation procedures.

Post operations, both the group rendered their feedback. They considered the Physiological, behavioural and self-observation techniques. And the results were astonishing. Patients who viewed immersive content on VR came across as more tolerant and coping than the latter.

How does VR in pain relief help the patients?

The effect and use of VR have been a topic of research amongst many scientists since long. Studies conducted, has noted how VR is more effective in reducing distress to a great extent. Through the use of VR, absorption of pain takes place.Thus, helping in diversion of patient’s attention. This happens particularly due to the effect of CNS and other psychological factors.

VR in pain relief is an effective medium in treating chemotherapy, surgery, dental operations or other therapeutic procedures. Scientists are also contemplating to make it an effective medium in place of inducing anaesthesia and other powerful drugs.

Will the patient be prone to side-effects?

Employing the access of VR during operations has known to reduce the procedural pain even in case of extreme injuries. Patients showcased remedial affect against chronic burn injuries while undergoing physical and wound therapy. Patients resorting to VR during chemotherapy showcased less cancer-related symptoms.

Thus, the assistance of VR reduced the side effect of chemotherapy on cancer patients to a considerable extent. The scale of side effect noted was mild and infrequent in comparison to non-VR assistance-based operations.

The potential solution for treatment?

The future awaits to foresee the power of VR technology. This will require more studies to determine the success rate and the great potential posed by VR. Greater specifications and in-depth research will tailor to the needs of patients.

One such issue, which can be the topic of concern is the cost dimension. Providing VR distractions to heal patients at reasonable costs can deem to be a challenge for developers. In addition, one will have to also resort to different methods to treat different ailments using the means of VR.

Based on the data collected after various research and studies, channels one to a plethora of questions. Will VR replace the use of high dosed anesthesia? Will technology take over the usage of pain-relieving drugs?

With no end to the questions and appalled by the pros of technology, the future has many surprises in store. Be ready for a future where Virtual will be a new reality. Let us know what are your thoughts about VR in pain relief and its impacts? We would be glad to know your feedback.

Image credit- Brother UK

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