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VR League Season 2 again on the run with over $220K as prize pool – Oculus once again in partnership with ESL

VR League Season 2 again on the run with over $220K as prize pool – Oculus once again in partnership with ESL

VrTechToday Admin May 26, 2018

Can you name the three companies that paired up to put the challenge league of virtual reality into orbit? Of course, if you are keen on virtual reality, then how can you miss the VR league? It stood as first large scale esports event of the VR world. The companies that appeared together were ESL, Oculus, and Intel. However, you might be thinking why I am recalling the past. Well, tomorrow is going to mark the beginning of the Season 2 VR league. Hence this time, Oculus have tied knots with ESL for the league. ESL stands as a big name in the network industry. It provides esports network globally.

Games of VR League Session 2

In the session 1, the tournament held in the Echo arena and The Unspoken only. But this year it is no more going to limit its fly. Rather you can find a whole lot of more games in the area. However, the second innings started on May 18 with much focus given on The Unspoken. But that is not the end. Moving forward, you can get Sprint Vector in the month of June. However the same is schedule to be launch on 4th June. Isn’t the thing getting interesting? However, there is more yet to come.

Coming up in July, one more title will divulge. Hence following so, another title will unfold in the month of August. Moreover, both the games for July and the month of August will be prize play. Not ending up here, more games will show up after that. Certainly waiting for a year long, this news will bring the smile in face of the VR games fans.

Those who are thinking that Echo arena will not show up in second innings of VR league, they are wrong. Echo arena came back on 20th May. You can count to see Echo arena for the next four weeks in the competition. However, there is also good news for the fans of the competition. They can enjoy Echo Combat in the future. Echo Combat will be the next in the Echo genre. Developers of Ready at Dawn designed this upcoming iteration.

How can one omit the VR Master league? However, the partners have also not done so. The official VR league will also support the Master VR league. It will also help the community that surrounds the simulation shooter of the military. Yes, here I am talking about Onward through the Onward Invitational that dated from 16th June to 17th June. However, this invitational is going to help in contributing fund to build up a charity. Hence the charity will support the Allied and the US veteran. But the most surprising fact is that everything will happen in these video games.

You must have played many video games and must be the part of many leagues. But period 2 virtual reality plays will stand with a difference. The VR league will go through five months where you can enjoy the different sorts of games. However, there will be a total number of seven games that you can enjoy in this time period. What stands as the best? It is the prize money of the game that is exciting for all. Playing these seven games over a time of 5 months, you can win more than $220K USD.

So isn’t it luring you? Of course, it is. However, Oculus Connect 5 will be the final stage of the competition. Hence the final is schedule for late this year. If you find it interesting, you need to buckle your shoelace and get ready for the game.

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Image Credit: oculus

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