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Safaris becomes more Accessible with VR Nature Documentaries

Safaris becomes more Accessible with VR Nature Documentaries

VrTechToday Admin May 12, 2018

Wildlife as always allured tourists. In the African continent, the wildlife plays a crucial role in tourism. For International tourists, wildlife is the fascinating point. Rising costs make these places inaccessible for Africans. Distance and cost make the Tour to well-known game parks are difficult for Africans. This is now possible for Africans, all thanks to Virtual Reality. Individuals can view these places with VR nature documentaries. This bridged the gap between places and the tourist. Individuals are able to gain experience of wildlife. For this one needs to wear VR headsets and have smartphones.

Exodus: The documentary of wildlife nature

One example is Exodus: The Great Migration. The documentary includes films on migrating animals. The Gazelles, Wildebeest, and Zebras are some animals of the documentary. They live found in Serengeti plains and Maasai Mara. Viewers get a 360-degree experience of nature in these documentaries. Exodus is a nature-based documentary. This shot by filmmakers from Africa. DeepVR a Johannesburg based film startup films many such documentaries.

Viewers get the opportunity to view the wildlife closely. Individuals find themselves surrounded by a herd of wildebeest.  Journey to the Mara River, brings them closer to nature. Viewers found a herd of wildebeest pass by our side. The mouth of Lion and viewers are side by side. Scary isn’t it? This was possible as the Lioness tried to bite the camera.

The difficulties included in shooting VR nature documentaries?

Making VR videos is not easy. The price of 360-degree cameras is high. . This makes the video more realistic. They take a lot of efforts to make it look good. For this, Exodus placed their cameras in the middle of bushes. They place the camera close to the curious animals. A separate video contains the making.

The makers talk of the difficulties faced by them. This includes breaking equipment and falling of drones. It became difficult to get good shots. It is possible only through proper care and eye for detail.

The drawback of self-financing

The shooting of VR nature documentaries requires funding. The makers tried different ways to raise money. UlricoGrech-Cumbo is the founder of DeepVR. He pitched Exodus to many wildlife broadcasters in the US. He didn’t get broadcasters for his documentary. Exodus tried Crowdfunding campaign. They used videos to advertise. With advertising, they were able to increase the profit.

Where to watch the Exodus VR Videos?

VR videos are well-known in present time. Individuals get an amazing experience.  Various festivals have shown Exodus videos. These include Pop-VR cinemas in Africa. They show these documentaries in different VR festivals.

How to watch the Exodus VR Videos?

Watching the documentary is easy. Individuals can view them in smartphones. They should have a VR headset.  It can be also watched on the Google Cardboard.

The future plans for Exodus

The co-founder of Exodus is Telmos Dos Reis. He is planning to make more series on migrating animals. He will next shoot Amur Falcons. The shoot will cover 60,000 km. Grecho-Cumbo and Telmos Dos Reis will journey 37,000 miles. The journey will start from Mongolia. It will end in South Africa. They will cover a series of amazing VR nature documentaries.

Let us know your feedback. Will VR be the future? Will VR turn making filming documentaries easy? Do you find the content useful? Share your ideas and thoughts. Post them in the comment box below.


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