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Take a VR tour inside the historic secret Annex of Anne Frank

Take a VR tour inside the historic secret Annex of Anne Frank

VrTechToday Admin June 25, 2018

It would have been Anne Frank’s 89th birthday and what better honor than to virtually visit the cramped secret annex where she hid. There is a new experience which lets you do just that. And this VR tour coincides with her birthday which is perfect timing.

Game Developers Force Field VR together with the Anne Frank House Museum has re-created the crowded quarters. This is the place where Anne and her family lived during the world war 2. It is an old office building located in Amsterdam.

This life in confinement was the time when Anne wrote her now famous personal diary. It is her candid account of life in hiding and living in constant dread of exposure. This VR tour serves as a disturbing reminder for the people who have actually gone through the Holocaust.

This book is an account from which everyone should learn. We should ensure that no one ever suffers such a time. Anne and her family along with four others lived in these cramped quarters from July 1942 to August 1944. They were later found and deported to various concentration camps.

Only Anne’s father survived the ordeal. 

Anne died at 15 at the Bergin-Belsen camp with her sister. After the war, Anne’s father, Otto Frank published his daughter’s diary which went on to become a bestseller and a symbol of hope for many. It is available in many languages. It is such a moving account that it has survived for generations.

A video of the experience takes us through the re-created rooms of the secret annex. The VR tour experience starts with the large swinging bookcase.The purpose of this bookcase was hiding the entrance to the secret annex. There is a room with photo walls, half written letters along with the diary on the desk with a pile of other books. The room has pillows all over the floor. All these details give an authentic experience. The tour takes you through all the rooms in the secret annex. These rooms are as they were during the second world war.

The virtual experience is free and is available for download in 7 languages from the Oculus Store. It is available for the Oculus Go, Rift and the Samsung Gear.

Everyone will be able to experience the house with this virtual tour especially those who cannot visit the cramped quarters. People from all over the world can virtually see Anne Frank’s Secret Annex. Those with mobility issues will especially benefit from this experience. There are many who visit the house but cannot go up the stairs to the cramped quarters. Even they will be able to virtually visit the place and experience it almost as if it were real.

The Berlin and New York Anne Frank centers will also have this VR tour experience by the end of this year. The tour is a complete experience of Anne Frank’s home including a few quotes from her diary.

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Image Credit : Annefrank org

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