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Afraid from Bear Attacks? Get Ready and Equipped with this new VR Training

Afraid from Bear Attacks? Get Ready and Equipped with this new VR Training

VrTechToday Admin June 24, 2018

Can mere rules and instructions actually achieve what an actual experience can? No right. But you can’t possibly get a real experience of everything to learn to tackle it. This is where virtual reality comes to your rescue. VR training can throw you into a life-like experience where you will feel as if you are actually facing the ordeal.

Such a VR training is now available to help you tackle bears. If you live in an area where there are a lot of bear attacks you can equip yourself with the latest techniques. Things like if there’s a black bear attacking you should raise your arms and make a lot of noise. Whereas if it’s a brown bear then just sit on the ground and pray.

This is the shorter version of training to tackle bears. Any course in wilderness techniques teaches this. There is only so much that instructions can do especially when facing a full grown bear. Any number of instructions from campers and hikers fly out of the mind at that exact moment.

Virtual reality is the answer to all these problems. A company from Prince George, British Columbia thinks this and it is one of the many companies that train people to face difficult situations. There are a large number of companies that train people to combat highly stressful situations.One such situation is a bear attack.

VR training solutions has created a virtual reality experience that emulates a bear attack.

The motive is to involve the user in a situation that demands quick thinking and decision making. The consequences are also high. This is as close to reality that you can possibly get apart from an actual encounter. So this serves as one of the best training tools. This can be part of safety training at wildlife management and training organisations.

The Bear Safety Training Program gets users to take quick decisions with respect to their movements. This helps maintain muscle memory at the time of a real encounter.

The physical actions included in VR makes it a good learning tool. Also, it simulates the actual, real environment as well. The Virtual Reality headset transports the user to a forest. The bear attack simulation starts here.

All that takes place afterward depends on the user actions. This bear encounter is one of the many similar high-risk use cases. There are various police departments also that are using VR techniques to train officers for situations that involve decision making and may require the use of fatal force.

Even the military has used VR training to simulate various situations from medic training to entering battle zones by parachutes.

There is a range of applications for this technology which are very obvious. Early stages of exploring this idea of using VR in high-risk decision making situations presented many applicable situations. VR training helps in providing almost life like experiences in these situations thus helping in effective training.

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Image Credit : zdnet

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