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Outstanding Ways How Virtual Reality Could Aid Marketing

Outstanding Ways How Virtual Reality Could Aid Marketing

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

In these past few years technology has touched every aspect of human life. Virtual Reality, though in its early stages, is already making ways into brand marketing. Recently, there has been a race for using newer and the most in technological advancement in marketing. With so many advancements coming up intermittently the obvious thing to do is VR use in marketing.

Virtual Reality gives a lot of leverage to the brand using it for marketing its products. It is now being used is a variety of ways.A number of big names have already incorporated VR use in marketing strategies. These are few of the examples of how Virtual Reality can aid the marketing of a brand.

Provide a VR experience and maintain customer base

The New York Times once used an innovative way of boosting readership of their daily. They included Google’s VR platform, the cardboard viewer in the edition of their papers on a Sunday. Then they went on to create a movie that could be viewed with these. They went on to repeat this a couple more times thus ensuring a steady customer base. This creates a connection between the brand and its consumer. This also turned out to be an incredible way of gaining and maintaining readership for their daily. This innovative idea also provided an amazing way to advertise newspapers.

Even our good old McDonald’s used VR in their Happy Meal calling it Happy Goggles. The only thing one required was a smartphone. There were a number of interactive games.It became a fun-filled experience for everyone, young and old.


VR for a Real-life Experience of the Brand

Brands use social media extensively to market their products. Mercedes went forward by using Instagram to launch their new vehicles through VR. They used VR to give a real-life experience to the end-user by giving them a feeling of actually riding in their cars. This ride had them driving through a variety of terrains and left them wanting the vehicle for real. This campaign was a major success for the Mercedes marketing team.

Home Improvement also finds great use of VR use in marketing. There can be nothing more profitable and handy thanactually being able to see the end result of any kind of home improvement changes. Lowes used this very technology to give the consumer the exact picture of the changes that they have proposed. VR platforms provided by Google and Oculus VR helped achieve this. The real-time effects of the changes being proposed are actually (or virtually) visible while going through the different rooms. This was by far the smartest use of this technology.

Provide VR encounters of TV series Scenes

HBO saw one of their major hits with the Game of Thrones series. They let their audience experience the journey to the top of the famous Wall from the series. They had a total virtual reality exhibit called “Ascend the Wall”. This helped in increasing the viewership tenfold for the series.

VR use in Marketing to Help Humanize a brand

A brand sometimes needs to show its ‘human’ side. And VR can help achieve this. If someone would have said this a few years ago no one would have believed them.But if you step into Tom’s retail store in California you will be in for a pleasant surprise.  In the store, you will find a VR adventure awaiting you. This experience sweeps you off to a journey across Central America. The minimum VR essentials is all you need. This adventure gives you a chance to do charity by giving away shoes to the needy across the villages. This is a classic tactic.Marketing teams all over try to give a human side to a brand and in this case, they have made the perfect use of VR in achieving it.

This is a totally different world for advertisers and marketing experts alike. Virtual Reality explores new avenues. Only sky is the limit when it comes to exploring VR use in marketing.

We would love to hear what you think of the way VR is being used in brand marketing. Please feel free to share your views by commenting here.


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