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Is Virtual Reality with Intelligent Networks Possible?

Is Virtual Reality with Intelligent Networks Possible?

VrTechToday Admin May 21, 2018

Recently, Samsung has started some buzz amongst consumers about mobile virtual reality with intelligent networks. They are looking at the possibility to communicate between users on more than one device. But there is still some need for technology to continue to evolve before this is possible. New services and different platforms make it possible for the release of new technology sooner than later.

Broadcasting is Constantly Evolving

There are multiple advancements in the broadcasting world. The way in which people are able to transmit information to one another. In addition, user content usage influences these changes. As this changes, it will increase the development of this innovation. The use of virtual reality is one form of entertainment. It provides the user an experience with room for advancement and growth in how it broadcasts to users.

Virtual Reality is Making a Comeback

In years past, virtual reality had been closely related to the area of science fiction. One of the earliest types of virtual reality was available to consumers as the Virtual Boy headset released by Nintendo. The decision to discontinue it resulted from a lack of receptiveness by consumers. Since that time, the idea of virtual reality becoming more common in people’s homes has gained interest. This is a result of the success of the Oculus Rift and similar virtual reality pieces of hardware. In the coming years, more growth will occur.

No Longer Only for Sci-Fi Fans

Virtual reality is now available to Sci-Fi fans as well as others. Instead, there is an increasing amount of content available for consumers in a wide array of genres. Some of these include the ability to view movies in 3D or playing a variety of video games. Virtual reality makes it possible to visit a different location throughout the world possible. It is now possible for complete immersion in the user’s entertainment.

High Quality Video Needed

In order for the experience to be successful, it is necessary for the video to be of high quality. Virtual reality immerses users in the environment. In addition, it is important for the connection to be at a high enough speed. This makes it reliable enough to access the video without delays or buffering. In many cases, the networks which consumers have access to, do not have this high of a connectivity. This makes it difficult to access the quality needed to support a virtual reality experience.

Mobile Virtual Reality a Possibility

The popularity of virtual reality increases. Mobile technologies develop regularly. This makes it a higher probability that virtual reality will be a possibility on mobile devices. However, the current connectivity of mobile networks is at a 4G connectivity level. This is not sufficient enough to support VR. It requires some changes in order to make possible virtual reality over mobile devices. Mainly, more intelligent mobile networks to support virtual reality content. The possibility is closer than it ever before, and may released in the near future.

Interest in Mobile Virtual Reality

Does mobile virtual reality something that interests you? Is this article interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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