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The VRcade Atom offers a compact way to experience virtual reality

The VRcade Atom offers a compact way to experience virtual reality

VR Tech Today May 7, 2018

VRstudios is not new in making Virtual Reality arcades. They have already made VR arcades for commercial places before. Now they have come up with the VRcade Atom, an arcade which is smaller making it more compact. It takes less space which makes it cheaper.

The VRcade atom caters especially to LBE’s or location based entertainment arcades. It is basically a wireless VR system and it is cheaper than its predecessors. It offers all that is necessary for a VR arcade which is extra room to enable people to roam freely. This also makes room for multiplayer setups.

The VRcade Atom uses VRcade’s AMP which stands for Attraction Management Platform. This is the first virtual reality solution that offers best in class facilities. These include the best available powerful computing and HMD which is short for head mounted display technology. It is coupled with wireless connectivity and also position tracking. All this comes from the experts of the respective fields like HP, TPCAST,and HTC.

The company already provides experiences in wireless and multiplayer versions provided specifically for commercial purposes. The Atom runs these experiences from the company’s extensive portfolio. It also uses the content management abilities offered by AMP. Such VR experiences include the Drone Storm, Time Zombies, and Barking Irons.

The design of the Atom keeps in mind the need for best priced VR options. These options are easy to install and can be expanded into LBE’s later. The customers of VRcade can also add to the commercial experiences in their VR arcades with Valve Corporation’s titles that are curated from their Steam store. The AMP managesall this. The Atom is easy to setup. The Atom works as a stand-alone system or it can also work with VRcade Zones or Arena systems and also other Atoms. AMP can connect all the Atoms into a single network.

The Atom is a very simple VR arcade, compact and concise. It is very easily installable and also easy to take down. Even relocating or reconfiguring is not tedious with the Atom. Doing installations on the Atom is a breeze. It asks forno special facility or infrastructure. The only thing it needs is a 10×10 foot footprint for the standard Atom. This includes the multiplayer system. In this way, it makes for a very efficient utilization of space. This makes it an ideal choice for wired, single player installations and also gives a good return on investment.

The turnkey solutions are increasing often and the atom is a significant addition to these. These solutions cater specifically to  LBE’s. The Atom is a perfect example of the efficient integration of the latest and best in technology. In addition, it also utilizes the AMP for better operation for the LBE’s. As per the CEO of VR Studios, Atom is a commercialgrade VR arcade solution is the real sense. Its price and wireless capabilities will force LBE’s to drop their wired options and adopt the Atom.

This is a very costefficient and a valueformoney option for VR arcades. It is also compact which is the number one requirement.

The Atom is available for demos at VR Studios. You can also order one directly from them. VR Studios, the company, launched in 2014 and already has installations across 14 countries.

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Image Credit:VRstudios

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